Most plants like hemp contain phytochemicals and need a carrier oil or fatty acid to carry nutrients throughout your body. Most hemp extracts are contained in a carrier oil. The best carrier oils contain MCTs.  It’s like the fairy tale, to get the most of your hemp extract…

…it has to be just right.

MCT Oil Benefits and Side Effects

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs are long enough to not be broken down too quickly like short-chain fatty acids.  Yet, they are not too long so they are digested at the best rate for the absorption of phytochemicals. MCT oils can be found naturally in palm oil and coconut oils.  Using plant-based MCT oils may enhance the benefits as it can add more nutrients and are easily digested.   MCTs come in four different forms.  Each cell contains locks that need a variety of keys for different functions.  Each different MCT chain is its own key.  Another reason they are the ideal carrier for hemp extract.

There are a couple of side effects that may happen. One is MCTs are found in coconut oil which is a tree nut that some people are allergic to.  Although it’s a small chance, MCT oils can work too well on digestion.  The appropriate amounts in most CBD doses can be taken without overwork of your digestive system. The MCTs oil benefits and side effects are important to consider when choosing your CBD oil.  Our CBD oils and other CBD products use the maximum absorption benefits. Coconut oils do not need to refrigeration and have an excellent shelve life in colored glass containers.  However, contact us if you are allergic to coconut oil and another carrier can be used for you.  Youcan get the best benefits of your CBD when it’s in an MCT carrier oil.  Check your CBD oil, does it have it?