Ask any of us at 502 Hemp about an embarrassing or not so effective health trend we personally took on.  You may get a funny story or a few. Maybe you have some stories to share as well.  Health trends stories and epic fails seem almost universal.  “Many health trends have at least some underlying truth,” according to Julie Riley, 502 Hemp media coordinator, writer, and certified holistic nutritionist. ” The problem is knowing when that truth has been twisted so much it hurts you or just doesn’t work. ”  The good news? There are health trends that are science-based, tested, and much needed right now.  502 Hemp breaks down these health trends that are here to stay.

Top 5 Health Trends That are Not Going Anywhere

  1. Plant-Based at the Table
    • You’ve seen it! Plant-based labeled everywhere. This trend has foundations in a variety of cultures and health sciences.  Plants give us love in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a variety of biological healing properties.  Eating more fruits, veggies, whole grains, or plants is great.  Our resident nutritionist Julie does caution against plant-based trends that are processed.  Certain “plant-based” meats are made with chemicals, too much sugar, almost purely gluten-based, and more. The best way to eat plant-based is to go to the source itself.  Use a variety of vegetables, beans, and grains as the core to your meals rather than processed plant-based products
  2. Cultivate the Gut
    • The understanding that the gut impacts more than digestion is becoming more foundational in health care.  Cultivating the right microbiome in your gut does maximize proper digestion but it also increases nutrient absorption.  Serotonin, a mood regulator, is created in your gut.  Eating appropriate amounts of tryptophan foods can stimulate serotonin production in the gut.  Two to three servings of salmon, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, eggs, tofu, soy, or dark chocolate should be enough. Eating prebiotics and probiotic foods are essential to cultivating the gut as well.
  3. Self Care is Essential 
    • Self-care is the daily input of your mental and physical health. We need to take those walks, make yoga mat time, and be active.   Health experts are understanding that this is crucial to your total wellbeing, not just physical.  Meditation, journaling, and breathing apps are increasing in popularity and variety to help with your self-care and mental care.  But sometimes, self-care is simple as a hot bath or self message or both.
  4. Virtual Health Care
    • The COVID 19 Pandemic pushed a health trend of virtual health care.  Meetings via video, chat, phone, email, or app keep a safe distance while connected to the health professionals we need.
  5. CBD as a Part of Wellness Care
    • The hemp industry continues to grow and learn more about hemp/CBD and it impacts on health.  Plus, the variety and types of products keep growing.  Part of CBD wellness care is your CBD consultation.  Make sure you know where the product comes from, how it is made, and the CBD company knows how and why what CBD product works for you.

From the hemp plant extract and MCT Coconut oil in our 502 Hemp CBD Oil to essential oils and nature-derived ingredients in our CBD topicals and CBD edibles– 502 Hemp ingredients are plant-based.  502 Hemp isn’t plant-based to be trendy, we understand the science and importance of high-quality plant-based products for your health and well being.  CBD may help with gut and certain gut issues.  Project CBD explains how CBD may affect the gut.   Self-care is part of your health care.  We have a variety of CBD beauty products for self-care and new CBD bundles.

We are here for you in person and virtually by phone (502)654-7100 or email at [email protected].  Our Hemp and CBD experts are ready for your questions and more with a confidential CBD consultation.