502 Hemp continues to grow. Our CBD experts created bundles to help you easily find the CBD product combinations you may need.  502 Hemp CBD bundles are customizable by flavors and scents.  502 Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oils have a variety of delicious flavors: orange dreamsicle,  wild berry, pink lemonade, and vanilla latte.  Our CBD edibles are made with natural ingredients; CBD gummies are made with vegan ingredients.  CBD topicals are created with natural ingredients with incredible scents.  The best part? You save on quality CBD products!

CBD Products

Calm CBD Bundle

  • A combination of 502 Hemp Full Spectrum 750 mg CBD Oil, CBD bath bomb, and 502 Hemp Full Spectrum 750 mg CBD gummies.  Natural alternatives to create your calm.

Focus CBD Bundle

  • Choose your 502 Hemp Full Spectrum 500 mg flavor to go with 502 Hemp Full Spectrum 300 mg CBD gummies and 5 pack CBD THC free lozenges.

Melt CBD Bundle

  • Designed to help with headaches, this bundle may be the natural solution you need. Pick your 502 Hemp Full Spectrum 750 mg CBD oil flavor to go with your 502 Hemp high vibe essential roll-on and CBD lozenges.

Relief CBD Bundle

  • A combination of 502 Hemp Full Spectrum 1500 mg CBD oil, 500 mg CBD balm, CBD infused chocolates- this bundle can be helpful to chronic pain sufferers.

Soothe CBD Bundle

  • Soothe the monthly Blah with this bundle.  Choose your 502 Hemp full spectrum 750 mg flavor and CBD bath bomb-plus CBD chocolates!

Unwind CBD Bundle

  • Created for more severe health concerns, this bundle has four CBD products: 502 Hemp full spectrum 1500 mg CBD oil, 502 Hemp 750 mg gummies, Koi CBD inhaler, and 5 pack of 502 Hemp CBD lozenges.

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CBD Bundle