CBD face products for acne are a must-have in your beauty routine.  Hemp seed oil and hemp extract contain incredible plant-based free-radical fighters that can do more than iron out wrinkles.  Hemp and CBD have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that could help with acne breakouts.  Even better, hemp and CBD can help regulate sebum oil production when used consistently.  Our top five picks for your best natural beauty can specifically tackle acne before and when it happens.

Our Top 5 CBD Products for Acne

  1. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    1. Taking CBD oil daily could reduce inflammation from the inside out. Plus, it may regulate hormones that can contribute to acne at times and help you get your beauty rest.
  2. CBD Balm

    1. Balm made with natural ingredients and quality CBD could aid in faster breakout healing and reduce scarring.  CBD balm could help regulate sebum (face) oil production and moisturize for some skin types.  Always test an area before fully using CBD balm on your face.
  3. Hemp

    Face Mask

    1. Hemp face masks can do what CBD balm does with a short spa-like boost.  It can soothe skin and breakouts while moisturizing and help with balancing oil.

4. CBD Isolate

CBD isolate in a DIY spot treatment could be a powerful acne fighter.  You can make this spot treatment using one of our measuring spoons from 502 Hemp CBD isolate with one teaspoon of grapeseed oil and two to three drops of tea tree oil.  Grapeseed oil isn’t the only natural oil that can be used; however, grapeseed contains proanthocyanidins, an anti-oxidant, which improves skin tone.  Tea tree oil is a known anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.  These three ingredients combined could hit those acne breakouts spot on.

5. CBD Honey

Honey is a common ingredient in at-home face mask ingredients.  A bacterial fighter, honey can help while adding moisture and repair skin damage.  Hemp extract and honey combined does much for your skin.  About a half cup of ground oats with CBD honey and one to two tablespoons of water make the ideal facemask for acne without drying skin. Let nature bring your best beauty forward with CBD face products for acne.  No harsh ingredients are in our CBD products. However, you will get the powerful quality plant based beauty products can provide.  Make your DIY with CBD honey and CBD isolate.  Or let us ship our crafted CBD beauty to you.