New CBD product just dropped at 502 Hemp! We have expanded delicious flavors, added on possible pain relief, and make “me” time better.

502 Hemp CBD Roll-On Gel

Excellent option for sore muscles, arthritis, chronic pain, and stiffness.  This new CBD product easy to apply with all-natural ingredients.  Each roll-on contains 500 mg of our trusted broad-spectrum CBD that may work where you put it.

502 Hemp Bath Salts

Upgrade your bath experience with natural Hemp Bath Salts. While self-care and CBD beauty products are not new at 502 Hemp, this product does not contain CBD.  It’s all hemp and natural ingredients.

Kentucky Hemp Works Hemp Hearts

Omega and nutrient-rich, this plant-based edible is excellent on its own or in a favorite meal.  Bake to your Hemp Hearts content for extra wellness in bread, cookies, muffins.

Kentucky Flavored Relief

We are KY proud of our latest new CBD product line.  Kentucky Flavored Relief is inspired by wellness and the spirit of the Kentucky Derby.   Our newest flavors, Bourbon and Mint Julep, are grown and crafted with natural ingredients. No artificial sweeteners.  Bourbon flavor from the essence of bourbon barrels.   Be in the spirit of Derby all year long without the hangover or the high.

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