When you think of Easter, candy eggs hidden in the grass come to mind. At 502 Hemp, we’re adding an enchanting spin to this tradition by substituting grass for shelves and regular eggs for their more exciting counterpart. Yes, we’re talking about Easter Celebrations at your local CBD oasis — where you can enjoy the comfort of your familiar shopping space and the thrill of the hunt all at once. This Easter season, we’re turning the quest for hidden treasures into a memorable in-store adventure.

Ready to join the festive fun? Here’s a detailed look at the in-store Easter egg hunt event at 502 Hemp, designed to delight both loyal customers and newcomers alike.

Why Do We Hunt Easter Eggs?

Before we indulge in the event details, it’s worth a ponder — why exactly do we hunt Easter eggs? “The Egg Hunt” is not just a fun game. It’s rooted in centuries-old traditions and carries a deeper spiritual and cultural significance for many people worldwide. Over time, Easter eggs have come to symbolize new life, fertility, and the ancient traditions of Spring as an annual time of renewal.

502 Hemp Easter Egg Hunt

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt at 502 Hemp is a thrilling four-day event that spans from March 28th to the 31st. The rules are simple: visit the 502 Hemp Store located at 201 Moser Road, Suite B, Louisville, KY 40223 and start searching for eggs hidden throughout the store.

Despite the simplicity, the stakes are high! Each egg you find is a potential ticket to a variety of prizes. From free product samples to exclusive discounts, this Easter game at 502 Hemp is more than just child’s play. It’s an opportunity to engage with the store in a different light and to be a part of the season’s joyous traditions.

Shop 502 – The Ultimate Destination for Quality CBD

The in-store Easter Egg Hunt is the perfect opportunity to explore the wide range of high-quality CBD products that 502 Hemp has to offer. We stock a diverse collection of federally compliant CBD and hemp-derived items, from oils and edibles to capsules and skincare.

All of our products are locally sourced with an unwavering commitment to quality, potency, and customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable staff and on-site 502 Hemp educators are available to guide you through the maze of choices. This Easter, not only can you discover hidden eggs (Easter10), but also find the perfect CBD product tailored to your individual needs.

The 502 Hemp Experience

At 502 Hemp, we don’t just sell products; we curate an experience. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where education and community go hand in hand. Whether you’re a CBD connoisseur or a first-time shopper, we ensure that your visit is not only about purchase but about learning and engaging.

The in-store Easter Egg Hunt transcends mere commerce; it’s about building connections, sharing moments of happiness, and creating memories.

Don’t miss out on this exciting event. Head down to 502 Hemp and immerse yourself in the Easter spirit. And as you explore the store, remember that the Easter egg is a representation of this festive season — a colorful, joyous harbinger of new beginnings.