Under the 2018 Farm bill,  CBD was made federally legal by removing it as a controlled substance.  However, each state can and does set its own regulations and laws concerning hemp. Illinois has set laws for the hemp industry in two forms of cannabis.

CBD in Illinois

During World War II farmers were paid by the United States government to grow hemp.  During this time hemp was used for rope needed on warships.  Hemp production began to decline after World War II due to competition with hemp production from the Philippines.  Like most states, the turn around for Illinois started in 2018 with the Farm Bill; however, there were state laws allowing restricted growing and research of hemp beforehand.  Since then the state of Illinois has passed a series of laws making production, selling, and possession of hemp/cannabis legal.

CBD in Illinois Regulations

According to federal law,  CBD companies are not to make health claims or claims or any statement concerning CBD and a “cure.” CBD or hemp products are not FDA approved.  This is held true in Illinois.  CBD or any form of marijuana is not considered medicinal due to the FDA classification.  Illinois does require industrial hemp for CBD to contain no more than 0.03% of THC.   Additionally, A seller of hemp or CBD products in Illinois cannot grow hemp without a state-approved license. Recreational marijuana use is legal in Illinois with the age restriction of twenty-one years. However, there are benefits of taking CBD for marijuana users.

CBD can be purchased from 502 Hemp stores and online.  Our products are third-party tested so you know that there is no more than .0.3% of THC in our CBD products that are full-spectrum hemp extract. As laws are passed, certain information may not be current.  Please check out the FDA website for current federal information and your state’s .gov website for state updates.