Want your CBD monthly without logging in and ordering every time?

Our monthly auto-ship is here to save you time, money, and stress of always reordering!

Check out the instructions below to set up your account. You can cancel at any time.

  1.  Go to Monthly Subscriptions under the Shop tab. (If you use another product and don’t see it set as a monthly option, send us an email and we will get it added as soon as possible.)
  2. Select the 502 Hemp product you want.  Please note that there are monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions.  You can choose the strength and flavor/scent of the products as always.  The product that you choose is the strength, flavor, and scent that will be shipped monthly/bi-monthly unless you make changes.
  3. Monthly SubscriptionsClick “sign up” on the product page.
  4. The product will be added to the cart. You can add other non-subscription items to the cart as well. Plus, you can also add other monthly subscriptions to your cart. No other offers can be combined with a CBD subscription.
  5. When you are done with your selections, go to your 502 Hemp cart to check out.
  6. You will be automatically signed up for monthly subscriptions with the billing or shipping address you provided. Please make note of this for proper monthly shipping.
  7. YOU CAN MAKE CHANGES 🙂 A receipt of your purchases will be emailed. Please archive or keep this email for future references. At the end of your purchase list on the email is a link called My Account.  This will directly take you to your monthly/bi-monthly subscriptions for changes and updates that you may need to make. If you have a created account then you can log in at any time, go to my account and change payments/address/cancel your subscriptions. If you need to cancel, your subscriptions will be saved and give a reactivate option for the future. We highly suggest that you create a 502 Hemp account.
  8. Now your 502 Hemp products will be automatically shipped and charges will occur at the time of shipping!

Questions? Contact us at (502)654-7100 or email at [email protected]