Pain awareness month is here.  September is the designated time to open more discussions concerning chronic pain. This year the US Pain Foundation has launched a month-long campaign with the hashtag #mypainplan.  The focus is on how individuals manage their pain and sharing their inspirations and ideas. Join us on social media as we share our personal stories on how we manage pain.

CBD certainly could be a part of pain management.  Does it work? We cannot make any claims; however, our customers share compelling stories and reviews. Plus, CBD for pain management has growing science and studies behind it.   CBD oil for potential pain management details the basic facts along with the information you need to know before your purchase.

Pain Awareness Month: How CBD Could Help

We do recommend for pain using full-spectrum CBD products.  The strength of CBD (mg on labels) depends on the type of pain and if there is more than one pain issue.   CBD topicals partner with your ingested CBD. Think of it this way: CBD oil or CBD gummies work from the inside out.  CBD topicals work from the outside in.  Learn how to use CBD topicals for your best possible  success.  Chronic pain can have flares or days when its more than usual, you can take an extra dose and CBD edibles can be excellent for that.  Our experts at 502 Hemp created a CBD relief bundle that may help your chronic pain plus help you save.  Certainly, if you’re not sure where to to start or have questions, we’re here to help.  Check out a few of our suggested CBD products that can help with pain management.

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CBD Products That Could Help

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Hemp extract full spectrum gummies
  •  Clinical Strength CBD Balm
  • CBD roll-on Gel
  • Essential oil roll-on with CBD
  • CBD relief bundle