Dee Dee Taylor, the owner and CEO of 502 Hemp Wellness Center, stands at the forefront of an industry marked by natural health benefits and rapid growth. In an interview with TownePost, Taylor shares her passion for educating the local community about hemp-derived products and their potential impact on overall well-being. At the heart of her mission lies a commitment to providing customers with tailored solutions, backed by extensive knowledge and a dedication to product quality.



Taylor emphasizes the crucial role of education in a market flooded with diverse hemp products. The 502 Hemp Wellness Center distinguishes itself by prioritizing customer education, guiding individuals to choose products aligned with their specific needs. Taylor’s emphasis on proper product usage reflects a commitment to ensuring customers derive maximum benefits from hemp-based solutions, coupled with a guarantee of product quality.



502 Hemp’s offerings are legal, thanks to a federally approved program initiated under Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill. Taylor elucidates the key distinction between hemp and marijuana, shedding light on the Delta 9 THC threshold as the legal determinant. The journey began on a personal note for Taylor when her husband, John, found relief from grand mal seizures through hemp-derived CBD oils. This transformative experience motivated Taylor to transition from the legal industry to focus entirely on hemp-based solutions.



Taylor’s journey unfolds from her initial ventures at local fairs and festivals to the establishment of her first store in 2018, and subsequently, the opening of a second store in Clarksville, Indiana, in late 2022. The expansion is marked by Taylor’s unwavering commitment to transparency, product quality, and customer education. Her experiences in flea markets and the initial store setup solidified her dedication to changing the narrative around hemp, dispelling misconceptions and fostering a more informed customer base.



Dee Dee Taylor’s tireless efforts have garnered well-deserved recognition. From being appointed to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee to receiving the prestigious Kentucky Colonel commission, Taylor’s advocacy work has left an indelible mark. Awards, such as the entrepreneur BOOM Award and inclusion in notable lists like “20 People to Know in Health Care,” further attest to her impact on the industry.

502 Hemp’s accolades, including being a finalist for the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Ethics and winning Business of the Year and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award, showcase the company’s commitment to ethical business practices. Taylor’s active involvement in organizations like the Kentucky Hemp Association and Kentucky Moms for Medical Cannabis underscores her dedication to industry growth and responsible product use.


The Future

As 502 Hemp celebrates their fifth anniversary, Taylor reflects on her accomplishments with humility and pride. Despite challenges and uncertainties in the marketplace, she remains focused on local market growth and envisions nationwide expansion. Taylor’s unwavering commitment to helping customers find relief through quality hemp products underscores her belief in the transformative power of hemp-based solutions.

Dee Dee Taylor’s journey with 502 Hemp is not just a business success story; it is a testament to the transformative potential of hemp-derived products in improving lives. As an entrepreneur, advocate, and educator, Taylor continues to shape the narrative around hemp, paving the way for a future where natural alternatives take precedence over conventional pharmaceuticals. Her dedication to quality, transparency, and customer well-being positions 502 Hemp as a pioneer in the evolving landscape of the hemp industry.

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