Urb 8/9/10 Gummies




Pucker up!  An enticing new super sour gummy awaits.

Urb Super Sour Gummies are a blend of Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC and Delta 10 THC combining the best effects of each all in one gummy. 

Available in two flavor options:

  • Green Apple and Watermelon (15 of each flavor in each bag):  Crisp green apple pairs well with the freshness of fruity watermelon.
  • Blue Razz and Lemon (15 of each flavor in each bag):  Classic blue raspberry flavor and sweet, tart lemon flavor.

Vegan, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors

750mg Package

10mg Delta 8 + 10mg Delta 9 + 5mg Delta 10 = 25mg THC per gummy


These products are intended for Adult Use Only.

Please keep products safely away from children & pets.

There may be health risks associated with the consumption of cannabis or other products. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical medications, please consult your physician before use. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using these products. Start with a low dose to see how your body reacts.