Elyxr Delta 8 Dabs



Elyxr Delta 8 Dabs (2 Grams)

Ever dreamed of an even more potent way to experience the soothing psychoactive effects of Delta 8 THC? Well, here it is! 

These Delta 8 Dabs offer a full 2 grams of pure Hemp-derived concentrate. These dabs highlight delta 8 distillate along with the sensational flavor of concentrated terpenes. They’re fresh, powerful, and free of any added ingredients.


Suggested Use:

Since this is concentrated levels of cannabinoids, begin by pulling apart a small amount of the dab – about a fingernail’s worth. From there, you can lace your joint and/or blunt with it, or dab it using a rig. You can gradually adjust the amount until you get the results you’d like.

Take 1-2 puffs. One to two times per day, depending on the desired level of effects. Adjust dosage if necessary. Effects can take up to one hour to kick in.

  • Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight or freezing temperatures.
  •  Hold upright at all times if possible.


Ingredients: Industrial grade Delta 8 THC oil, CDT (Cannabis-Derived Terpenes)


  • Trainwreck (Sativa): This popular earthy strain is great for an energy boost. Its top effect is a euphoric high that will awaken your creativity.

  • Fire OG (Hybrid): Promises a potent euphoric effect that’s long-lasting. Has an aroma similar to lemon pledge with an earthy flavor

  • Purple Punch (Indica): This delicious grape-flavored strain is ideal for a night in. It gives a head and body high leaving you incredibly relaxed and calm.


Must be 21 or over to purchase these products. ID verification is required for both in-store and online purchases. Do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery while using this product. Keep away from children and pets. Consult a healthcare professional for any health concerns before using this product.