Better Delights 750mg Delta 8 Gummies

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Cloud nine? More like cloud eight. Better Delight’s 750mg Delta-8 gummies are chewy, tasty, and tough to share with others. Experience the expert-formulated mellowing effects of Delta-8 in every bite. Available in multiple flavors (Strawberry, Tropical Fruit, Grape, and Blue Raspberry).

5 reviews for Better Delights 750mg Delta 8 Gummies

  1. Von (verified owner)

    Amazing results, eases chronic pain.

  2. M Bradley (verified owner)

    I work all night, so I’m trying to sleep when everyone else is waking up ~ and sometimes I have a TERRIBLE time. I just flat can’t relax my mind & body enough to sleep. I’ve tried all kinds of sleep aids, and most make me feel hung over & groggy all the next day. Melatonin has worked fairly well for me, but I’ve had to up the mg’s over the years for it to continue to work. Someone told me about the CBD gummies and that I should try them ~ the first ones I tried I couldn’t even tell I took them, let alone relax enough to sleep. A friend suggested the Delta 8’s…and WOW. I love these~~ I take 1, and within 30 min. I’m out & sleep like a baby, usually about 7 hours, and wake up refreshed & feeling great. I have so much more energy since I’ve been getting good sleep!! I LOVE these!!

  3. crackz (verified owner)

    These are life saving. The taste is amazing.
    I was lucky to have some of the 10mg but also have these 25mg as well.

  4. Christina Mulholland (verified owner)

    I sleep really good with these. Start out small (1/4 of one) if you’ve never tried these before, and work your way up. Love them. Never feel bad the next day. Thanks 502 Hemp!

  5. Mel

    I started using these for severe neck pain. I couldn’t sleep at night and these helped tremendously. I’ve had a spinal fusion now but still take these occasionally to help me sleep after a very anxious day. I sleep like a baby when I use one of these. They truly saved my life when I wasn’t sleeping at all due to pain. I would recommend this for pain and anxiety! It’s been my saving grace this past year!

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