Mireya Extracts Huge 100mg Bath Bomb



Mireya Extracts Huge 100mg Bath Bomb

Mireya Extracts Huge 100mg Bath Bombs are just as described. Weighing in at an impressive 12oz average and packed with 100mg of CBD, they are big. These wicked huge softballs from heaven are a perfect addition to any relaxing bath. They are available in a variety of natural scents. Their refreshing effervescence allows them to dissolve easily in water. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Baking soda, Citric acid, Epsom salt, Cornstarch, Mica powder, Water, Essential oil, Coconut oil, Polysorbate 80, Hemp seed oil and Full spectrum CBD 

*for external use only 

Note: Keep away from children and pets. Consult a healthcare professional for any healthcare concerns before using this product.