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Welcome to to Hempin’ Happiness, the podcast where the grass is always greener. Sifting through the haze of CBD and hemp news with hosts Cannabeth and the Hemp Queen. Join us as we roll up the latest trends.

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Dee Dee

502 Hemp Founder and CEO

Dee Dee started 502 Hemp to educate and support her community with Kentucky hemp products. Her high standard with compassion has been noticed by communities and organizations with various awards. She continues to grow and partners with local companies to cultivate a wellness atmosphere. Learn the full story of 502 Hemp and Dee Dee Taylor.


Certified Cannabis Consultant & Store Manager

A Louisville native, Beth became involved with 502 Hemp through a mutual friend. With a particular passion for holistic health and years of experience as an R.N., working with 502 Hemp is a natural fit. Beth enjoys educating customers and thoughtfully answering their questions. Her favorite is when customers come back and share their stories. Beth has two dogs who are part of the 502 Hemp family too. Beth recently completed an online program with the University of Boulder to become the first 502 Certified Cannabis Consultant.

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Welcome to Hemp and Happiness, the podcast where the grass always looks greener.

Sifting through the haze of CBD and Hemp News. I’m your host, Beth Pinti, AKA Canna Beth, bringing you a fresh cut of insights with my signature side of wit.

And I’m De de Taylor, also known as the Hemp Queen. Your go-to for a sarcastic take on all things green and the political landscape that tries to keep up with it.

Join us as we roll up the latest trends, unwrap the complexities of the cannabis industry, and spark thoughtful discussions that’ll hit you

Right where it feels good. Whether you’re can of curious or season of green thumb, we’ve got the buzz you need.

So light up your day and let’s blaze through the world of hemp, CBD, marijuana, health and happiness.

All the news rolled into one. This is hemp and happiness. Let’s get this show on the road.

That was awesome.

Hey, welcome to Hemp and Happiness. I am Dee Taylor. And I’m Beth Panty. We are here and we’re actually recording out of my office because we 10 times a charm. Right? A lot of fun. So yeah, you can see where I live most days when I’m not at home, which is I think I’m here more than I am at home sometimes. You probably are. I probably am. But I got to make all the magic happen in the back room, right? Yeah, that’s right. That’s where it all starts. So today I wanted to ring this up. So who gets the munchies for using products? Do you get the munchies? I do. Sometimes. Just sometimes. Not all the time. Yeah, yeah. Or maybe later on. It doesn’t hit me really quick. Do you get the munchies? She has a tolerance? Well, I do have a higher tolerance.

I do have a higher tolerance. I do. If I take a product, whether it’s Delta eight or Delta nine, it doesn’t matter. If I take it and stay up and want to enjoy myself, I will find myself getting the munchies. And I’m a bigger girl and I’m working on not being such a bigger girl, at least being healthier anyway. So I watch that. So what I do is I just use the product and go to bed. Do you know what I mean? Because I’m mostly using it for sleep and to help me sleep more. Now I take the CBD daily. I take that every night as my, that does not cause my GC BD does not cause No, IM talking about the THC products for sure. Yes, yes. It’s all about the THC. And that kind of leads us into the cannabinoid that is supposedly helping with some of those MUNCHY efforts, MU efforts. Okay. I like that term. We coin that, but it’s called T-H-C-V-V as in Victor. And it’s not, I think my former partner and I talked about that before. THCV, we did a whole little episode on it, but they’re actually doing more research about this cannabinoid. They’re actually, whoever they are, they are calling it the diet weed. And I don’t necessarily, I always thought they considered Delta eight, the diet weed, but I guess No, that’s

Weed light or whatever.

Yeah, whatever. All the coins terms that have been used throughout the ages on what this wonderful plant is. But you all know that there’s a ton of different cannabinoids.

Right. That’s what I was going to say. This is about knowing a cannabinoid.

K-N-O-W-I-N-G, not knowing,

Not no, you say yes to these cannabinoids. THCV has been around for a while, but like you said, we’re just now getting to study. These people are actually getting to research these cannabinoids and finding out all the amazing things that they are doing. THCV, we always knew that it could be more of a stimulant, give you a little bit of energy. Not like a stimulant like coffee or caffeine. That makes you shaky. It doesn’t do that.

No, not at all. And people, so we’ve got customers that actually use THCV in place of Adderall and Ritalin. Yes,


Yes. I always say Ritalin. But they have stopped using those medications and have gone to the THCV product because it uplifts them and keeps them focused without that big crash too. I know some people talk about the big crash,

Right? Yeah. I’ve never noticed that with THCV, any kind of crash, any kind of ill feeling from

It. Me neither. And it supposedly they’re talking now you know me. If it was truly a weight loss drug, well, I don’t know. I don’t like taking drugs. But the canal diet, I don’t necessarily know that it truly prohibits or helps with weight loss. Right.

That it does decrease your appetite. Yes, it is an appetite suppressant. Yes. You do feel that kind of energy focus and not hungry, but that eventually wears off. So it’s all about diet. You’ve got to watch what you

Eat, eat. You can’t just take


Gummy. No. Expect to

Lose weight. Lose weight. It’s not melting fat cells burning them off. No, but it does.

If it did, we’d be rich.

Right, right. I know.

Yeah. Next

Big thing. But people are advertising it as that. Right. Diet weed or

Literally a diet weed. You can diet with that I call

Bullshit. Right. But if you do tend to get the munchies, this may be a good product to

That’s exactly where I was going with that. Thank you to that back around. Yes, exactly. So we actually, and we have a product, it’s our black Cherry DSD nine, and it has the Delta nine THC, but it also has the THCV. So people are loving that because they’re getting the best of both worlds and not getting the munchies quite as much or as bad, however you want to say it, however you want to say that. So I think that that maybe really help people. And then we have another product that is just THCV only. So as long as you don’t take too much THCV, it’s not as psychoactive.

Right. Well, it has no psychoactive effect.

Well, I mean, but if you take too much of it, could it?

I know that


Experiment we can do.

Yeah, that does those,

I have to test all the products, make sure it works and it’s safe. I just don’t know if what were even,

We didn’t take any today, I promise.

What was the question again? Taking too much. Too much of it. We started slow when we got ’em first, and I think they were like a five milligram gummy and now we saw ’em in a 25 milligram gummy alone. And I have told everybody to start with a quarter of that because that five milligrams was effective to keep you going and focused. You can still drive on THCB alone. You don’t feel that euphoria or kind of feeling like you do on the other THC products.

Yeah. We don’t use the word high. But you don’t feel that. Right.

So is you feel happy.

It does take,

Make you happy. You do feel those are

Our strawberry fields. Yes. We’ll talk about those too. Yeah, exactly. But no, I think they’ll be extremely beneficial with that cannabinoid, THCV. I just think that that cannabinoid has so many great qualities to it

That we have. Oh, and regulating blood sugar. That was another study that came out with the THCB.

Oh hell yeah. How many people are suffering with their A1C levels? I know if that would be game changer for a lot of people,

But we would need to know what dose is going to affect that. I just keep staring this article, the research,

We’ll put this stuff in the notes,

But it mainly just talks about the appetite suppression in here. But there is so many different things that they’re finding it really works for and people do like that uplifted feeling focus got to go without that shaky stimulant kind of feel. Which

Is good mean, especially if you’re going to try and get off the Adderall and stuff. I I’m very anti that

It’s a methamphetamine.

It is. If y’all didn’t know that, that’s the root of Adderall. And we’ve got

Children on methamphetamines

And people don’t realize that. They listen to their doctor and just put ’em on it and they don’t realize that you’re actually giving them a legal form of meth. I know. It’s crazy. That just boggles my mind anytime I think about it. So when anyone ever starts telling me that their kids have a DD and a DH adhd, I’m like, would you just try some of our products both before, right. At least

Try disperse. Right. Because it is natural. It doesn’t change the way your body functions. It helps your body function better.

And I think that, I mean, we’re not doctors keep that in mind. We’re not no medical advice. But I think that THCV would be great for kids. I mean,

With that focus,

Who wants to try it out for Aunt De? There you go. I’ll have to talk to my niece. Nieces and nephew. Nephews. I do. You have

AD DH, ADHD nephews and

Nieces. I do. So maybe I can have them test it for me and see what they think.

I mean, I would try this before

I would try it. They’ve tried our CBD products and it’s helped them. You know what I mean? Our full spectrum CCB D helps them as well. But I’d be curious to see if this can really make some people focus. Exactly. I think that would be great if it did.

Well, I know that we have adults that are using purpose.

Oh yeah. Adults use it. Yeah,

We just talked about that. And they say it really works.

Yeah. We have guys that come in and buy three or four bottles at a time, get them through the month. The jars are relatively small. I don’t have big humongous month supplies of this stuff. Well, I mean we do, but one jar at time. One jar a time. But yeah, I, I mean I love learning about new cannabinoids that they’re figuring and finding in the plant and some of the new studies that are coming out because the more these products become legalized and legal in states, the more research that can be done on them. So that’s the one good thing about hemp and how it’s legal federally, they can do the testing

On it. They can do the research.

And again, it’s the same plant. Yes. So whatever cannabinoids you’re finding in hemp, it’s going to be the same. Cannabinoids and marijuana, they

Just tend to make the THC really high in marijuana and all the other cannabinoids lower because it could affect that high feeling. And that’s what people are usually wanting. Yeah.

I mean, yeah, that’s exactly it. So I don’t know. I think it’s great. I love learning about new cannabinoids that can help people. I mean, there’s so many studies out there. I can’t even keep up with all of them sometimes just like, Hey, you need to read this. You need to read that. But I think that one’s really cool. I know the other one is CBG, so that’s like the mother cannabinoid. I think we’ve talked about that before on our podcast, but it’s

Becoming a little more popular now. It


Is. So we can kind of go over what all do you know about it?

So I know that it kind of helps you feel happy without being euphoric and gives you that little uplifted boost. I think just in naturally, not quite like the


More, a little bit of a mood type thing. That’s what I

Know about it. And I’ve heard it’s a more powerful anti-inflammatory than CBD is.

Oh really? And then when you mix that with CBD, shit, that might be even better. Yeah. You’re getting even more of that, especially if you don’t have a lot of THC in it too, because then you’re not feeling any of the effects of the THC and you’re just really getting the CBD and the CBG. Exactly. So yeah, that’s our strawberry fields.

That’s our strawberry fields. That’s great.

So we actually have that product. Oh man, we sold out and I thought people were going to riot. I’m like, I’m just waiting on the certificate of analysis we have. They’re good, but we got plenty back in stock. So yeah, those have been a big, big hit here. And I’m thrilled with that because whenever you bring out a new product, you wonder who’s going to like it, if they’re going to like it and all that kind of stuff. So very happy to report that the strawberry fields has been a big hit and people are loving that. And I’m very happy that it is making other people happy. Exactly. That’s what we’re here

For. Hip

And happiness and happiness. That is,

That’s our goal. I mean, really to make people feel better, have better quality of life. Natural, natural process through natural products. So that’s what we do.

That is what we do. That is what we do. So thank you guys for bearing with us while we got our shit together to get our podcast recorded. We’re going to make this a nice and short one for you. We just kind of wanted to get back in there and talk some more and introduce this cannabinoid and maybe that cannabinoid and tell you there’s tons out there. They are going to be finding more every day. What are

We up to now? 120


So every time I look, there’s

One. Now there are some too that are made up cannabinoids. Don’t forget about those. You know what I mean?

No synthetics

Don’t do that. Synthetics. And if you have to take a cannabinoid and then you’re mixing something in it and then calling it a new cannabinoid, I don’t know that that’s true.

That’s not true. Cannabinoid is what comes directly from

The plant

OC cannabinoids. Yeah.

Now granted, you can take a cannabinoid in that plant and you can convert it to any other cannabinoid in that plant, but technically that’s still a cannabinoid from the plant. So that’s when people talk about synthesizing and shit like that. I’m like, to me, synthesizing is when you are taking a made up product and you’re making it up out of thin air. To me, that’s synthetic. So some people have a different definition of that, but if you read the definition of that, it’s usually because it’s fake. I mean, synthetic is

Sounds fake to me.

Right? So just be careful and leery of some of those cannabinoids that you are finding. There’s usually mixes like you’ve got T-H-C-O-T-H-C.

They’ll mix that with the

H-H-C-H-H-C. Yeah.

And they promise a higher high. Do

You really need that?

Well, and we have tested a few things here. Like the HHC always gave me a headache. Yeah.

I wasn’t

A fan. So that it is not enjoyable. I didn’t feel any better from it. I only felt worse.

Yeah. I’m not a fan of the HHC. I’m definitely not a fan of THCO. That is straight up acetate being put in THC. No thank you. And I don’t think that anybody should be smoking that. Good. God only knows what acetate would do to your lungs. Your lungs. So I’m very against that kind of stuff. You’ll find this shit anywhere and everywhere. But just be careful what you’re buying. Look at certificates of analysis. Make sure you’re finding or asking for that. And don’t buy your wellness products at a gas station.


Cannot stress that enough. And honestly, even some of the other stores, if they’re not truly into health and wellness and they’re more about into smoking products, you might want to be careful with those two. I don’t want to call anybody out, but there’s still some bad products and bad people out there that are just in this business for the money. They are popping up all over. They’re everywhere. We’ve been here for what we’re going on six years now. I did it prior to that to say I’ve been in this business a while. I really have. So if you have questions about something you’re taking, bring it in. We’ll look at it. We’ll tell you exactly what to look at and tell you if it’s good or not. And we’ve had a couple brains. I’m like, oh yeah, actually I think it’s fine. Go ahead and stick with that. We’re almost here. There’s a thing called integrity and I like to say that we have it. We do.


Do have it. So thanks for listening y’all. And we are so excited to get Hemp and happiness season two back underway. So bear with us. We will have some more recordings coming out soon and make sure you like and follow us on all the socials, Facebook, Instagram, obviously, YouTube, because that’s where you can see our beautiful

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