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Welcome to to Hempin’ Happiness, the podcast where the grass is always greener. Sifting through the haze of CBD and hemp news with hosts Cannabeth and the Hemp Queen. Join us as we roll up the latest trends.

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Dee Dee

502 Hemp Founder and CEO

Dee Dee started 502 Hemp to educate and support her community with Kentucky hemp products. Her high standard with compassion has been noticed by communities and organizations with various awards. She continues to grow and partners with local companies to cultivate a wellness atmosphere. Learn the full story of 502 Hemp and Dee Dee Taylor.


Certified Cannabis Consultant & Store Manager

A Louisville native, Beth became involved with 502 Hemp through a mutual friend. With a particular passion for holistic health and years of experience as an R.N., working with 502 Hemp is a natural fit. Beth enjoys educating customers and thoughtfully answering their questions. Her favorite is when customers come back and share their stories. Beth has two dogs who are part of the 502 Hemp family too. Beth recently completed an online program with the University of Boulder to become the first 502 Certified Cannabis Consultant.

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Welcome to Hemp and Happiness, the podcast where the grass always looks greener.

Sifting through the haze of CBD and Hemp News. I’m your host, Beth Penti, AKA Canna Beth, bringing you a fresh cut of insights with my signature side of W.

And I’m Dede Taylor, also known as the Hemp Queen, your go-to for a sarcastic take on all things green and the political landscape that tries to keep up with

It. Join us as we roll up the latest trends, unwrap the complexities of the cannabis industry, and spark thoughtful discussions that’ll hit

You right where it feels good. Whether you’re can of curious or seasoned of green thumb, we’ve got the buzz you need.

So light up your day and let’s blaze through the world of hemp, CBD, marijuana, health and happiness.

All the news rolled into one. This is hemp and happiness. Let’s get this show on the road.

That was

Awesome. Welcome everybody. Back to Hemp and Happiness. We are calling this season two episode one, and I have Canna Beth with me now, which is phenomenal. I don’t know if you know Canna Beth, which you should, if you don’t, and you’ve actually been in the 5 0 2 he store. She is our store manager and she does an excellent job at educating and helping people feel better with our natural products. So definitely stop in and see her sometimes. She usually here from Tuesday through Friday. Every now and again, she gets stuck working a weekend.

She lets me have the time off. I do those events

Too. So welcome Ms. Beth. I’m happy to have you. Thank

You. I’m happy to be co-hosting this new season. My name is really Beth. I was called Canna Beth from a former employee and it kind of stuck, but I just feel that I can help you find the right cannabis product. So we’ll keep that name for right now. I

Like it. I think you should. I think it suits your personality perfectly. Thank you. So today we have so many things in the pipe drive and my gosh, people, there’s so much legislation out there too about what’s coming down in Kentucky, and we are going to get into all that, I promise. Of course I’m involved some way somehow, but today we kind of wanted to focus on cannabis and exercise. I have been hitting the gym hard pretty much since November. Since January 1st though I’ve only missed three days at the gym. I was on a little vacation with my brother, but I also still exercised most of those days. So I’ve really been hitting it hard. But the one thing I noticed and I lift, so I also lift weights, but the one thing that I noticed is I don’t feel the pain nearly as much as I did prior to. And I used to work out a lot back in 16 and 17 lifting, and I was always in pain and I didn’t use cannabis as much as I do now, but that’s been a big difference for me. And you know what? If you’re not in pain, I’d still want to get up and go, does that make sense? Exactly,

Exactly. Yeah. Because if you recover quicker, you’re ready to hit it back quicker. If you have to recover for three days, it kind of gets you out of your regular routines. It does.

And I alternate. So one day I’ll do legs. The next day I’ll do arms and I kind of alternate between the two. And then some days I’ll even just do just a cardio day. Yesterday I was not feeling weightlifting, I just wasn’t. And I should have because the gym was about empty. But that’s

Beside the point. But you need to listen to your body and not who’s at the gym or how crowded it is, what works for

You. That’s right. Yeah. But there’s a recent study that was conducted in Colorado, mind you, and it talks about how THC has a much more positive effect on the body when you’re exercising. And I thought it was a great article. I believe we shared it in one of our emails, but just kind of wanted to share it again because it’s worth saying. Most people that are all into the healthy stuff, they don’t consider cannabis as part of their healthy regimen. You know what I mean? A lot of people will just use it to feel fun on the weekends, but it can be used daily in your diet, I mean, as part of your healthy regimen,

Right? Yeah. And this study I thought was interesting. They found that people who use cannabis were more likely to exercise. So that gets rid of that lazy stoner, the way people think about people who use cannabis and that it makes exercise more enjoyable while they’re doing it. And the recovery time

As well. I think the recovery time’s huge. But I never believed that fricking stigma about lazy,

Lazy stoners, stoners

Because no way too many stoners and none of them are lazy. Not at all. Not at all. You’re not.

And I also found you. I will say I’m stoner. That’s fine. I will accept that. And most people that I know that use cannabis regularly are not overweight. So that is another myth that we need to dispel as well, that it gives you the munchies and I’m going to eat all night,

That kind of thing. I did not get this big because of cannabis, y’all. Mine was more of an emotional eating, and I used it to get through my teenage years and it just kind of stuck with me. Therapy helps with that. Let me just tell you therapy, but no, I don’t believe that. I mean, don’t get me wrong. If I take too much of something, I may get the munchies, but I also don’t have a lot of bad stuff at my house. Too much.

Right? Don’t have it there. You won’t eat it.

So I got carrots and hummus and celery and things like that, or cereal. I, and I buy the organic low sugar cereal type stuff anyway. So if I do get the munchies, usually what I do is I just take it and go to bed. You know what I mean? That’s

What a lot of people do. I just take

It and go to bed because one, it helps me sleep. And if you don’t know this, you should. Everyone recovers better when you get good night of sleep,

My gosh. And nobody is sleeping. So that’s the number one thing we need to talk about with wellness is if you’re not getting that correct amount of sleep, it affects everything.

Everything. It even increases your anxiety. And then it’s like you’re battling yourself. Do I do this? Do I do that? Do I do this? And your whole body’s battling. If you’re not getting that rest and the sleep that you need, the REM sleep, mind you, it’s just super important. I think the one thing that most people that I hear people tell me is like, oh my gosh, I’m having some vivid dreams. Good.

Yeah. That means you’re in deep sleep.

Exactly. Yeah. It means you’re actually hitting your REM and you need that. Your body needs that. That’s when it does Most of its healing. So I think that is so, so important. And we forget about that a lot because you get in your routine and you got to do this, and you got to do that. So you’re staying up late and then you’re thinking about it laying there in bed, and then you’re losing even more sleep. And I mean, we won’t even talk about the blue screens in your phone and all the scrolling that we do right before bed. They’ve proven that, but it is not good for you. So I mean, it’s important to take care of yourself and your body and to know what your body needs and cannabis helps.

And there was actually a recent study that found people that Covid had more trouble sleeping after covid.

I can see that. Yeah, I can see

That. So it’s changed our bodies in ways we don’t even know that we

Yeah, because Covid is back again, full force. I don’t think it’s ever going to leave, truly. But there’s been even more research on that, how cannabis helps with the symptoms of covid and how it can even block

The receptors in your receptors

Lungs. Yes. From actually getting that God awful. You’re still going to get it, but the symptoms are going to be so much more milder. And I’m not trying to make a claim. I’m really not. Do the research,

Do the research.

This stuff is not snake oil.

No. Right?

No. And why? It’s because of our endocannabinoid system. I’ve talked about that so many times on this podcast prior to, but it is so important for people to understand that we all have an endocannabinoid system. And if you are not fueling your endocannabinoid system, then you’re not getting the benefits and you’re not at your homeostasis. You’re not at your best, I guess to put it mildly. So the cannabinoids in the hemp plant and the marijuana plant, they’re the same cannabinoids. They’re the same plant. We’ve talked about that before too. But the cannabinoids in that plant, it benefits your body. Now whether you’re using THC or CBD or CBG or CBN, all of those cannabinoids benefit your body. I think that’s just the most important thing to know.

And I think that’s the thing. I mean, no matter how much we talk about the endocannabinoid system, a lot of people still don’t know that they had that inside them. I have a background in nursing. I was never taught about that in nursing school. And the endocannabinoid system was not discovered until the early 1990s


Right. But to where they could find those receptors and figure out what they did. So that’s something we need to continue to educate people on because they just, no matter how many times we talk about it, it still confuses people. It does as to what it does, and it actually works in the neurons within the synapses to help your neurons communicate better. It can help reconnect those synapses that may have been broken. So it’s working in teeny tiny ways. And another thing is that people view CBD as maybe taken occasionally, and it’s really more of a supplement. You need to use it a little bit every day. Every day, because you can’t just take vitamin D or vitamin B. You might feel good for one day, but then the next day it’s going to be all out of your system.

You have to think of C, B, D. You have to think of it like a vitamin, and you have to take it daily. It works best if you take it daily. So I think that is super important for consumers to be aware of. And obviously, I mean, without us even getting into all of it, I mean, know your source, know how it’s made, make sure it’s tested. We’ve said that time and time and time again, A lot of people, they may put their certificates of analysis up on their website and some don’t. But even the ones that do, they’re only putting the milligrams. You do need to look for that full panel nine times out of 10 because it is so expensive to test that final product. What people will do, the labs will do, and the processors will do, they will do the full panel of the actual distillate, and then they will test the milligrams once the gummy has been made. I mean, you’re not going to get heavy metals or


Yeah, that and the gummy from the distillate. So nine times out of 10 people are just testing the milligrams. And that’s actually a new rule in Kentucky for all CBD products and adult use cannabinoids that you have to have that initial full panel. And a lot of people don’t have that on their site. We do. We actually do. We test that from our moray extracts. We test that for our CBD products. We test that for RDS products as well. And I just think that is super important. And it is very expensive to have the full panel done, I think about a $500 test. So if you were to do that for every sku, oh my goodness, talk about some price there. So if you do it for the distal, at least going into it, that is a safe product that you’re making products from. So that’s important. That’s super important.

And a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of CBD is made with hemp imported from China, which has a lot of heavy metals in it. And CBD or cannabis products weren’t required to be tested until now. We did that just to prove that we had a safe, effective product. So if you’ve used CBD in the past, you may not have gotten good CBD or even a product that had any CBD in it.

Yeah. Especially if you say, oh, I tried it and it didn’t work for me. We hear that a lot like, well, what brand did you try? What milligram did you try? I mean, and there’s the three different methods you can extract with too. And I am just not a fan of the hydrocarbon extraction. I’m not, that starts with a carcinogen. I just don’t, even if it burns off in the process, I just have a hard time putting something that has been made with butane into my body, even if it’s supposedly not there anymore. And they do the testing after. I have a hard time with that now. My husband will disagree. I mean, he does the CO2 extraction, but he says there’s nothing wrong with the butane extraction as long as it’s lab quality and it’s the actual really good. And they do apparently make some foods out of it.
I don’t believe it’s generally recognized as safe from the FDA maybe in other countries. I don’t know. And I’m not even getting into all that because I don’t know. And I don’t care. I just know that I don’t want something that starts being made from butane in my body. I don’t. So I don’t carry any of those products. And I’ve had very heated conversations with other that make their products that way, and I’m just like, I’m sorry, I’m not going to do it. So we use the CO2 extraction. It’s the safest, healthiest, cleanest. Now, CO2 is everywhere. It’s all in our environment and everything. So I just truly believe that that’s just the way to do it. I agree. But the best thing to do is to make sure there’s testing that’s the most important thing.

Exactly, exactly.

And use it daily.

And so talking about wellness and the way I look at wellness is putting things in your toolbox, CBD alone is not going to change your life. It has maybe changed some. We do hear that a lot. You’ve changed my life. But there are so many other things that you can do to add to that exercise, number one.

And eating healthy.

Eating healthy, yeah. I don’t know. Number one. Number two, both of those. So I kind of find, I wanted to share some things that I included in my wellness toolbox. I try things for about 30 days. See how that makes me feel. Otherwise, I’m not going to invest the time and money into doing that. That makes sense. So some things, CBD is the number one thing that really changed my quality of life as far as anxiety, depression.

That’s why you’re still with me.

Exactly. Yeah. I can deal with you better.

That 30 days turned into four and a half

Of those five years, right? Four and a half years. Exactly. And things like water fasting, I found intermittent water fasting, not intaking as much food helped me lose 70 pounds. So that was something that I decided to keep in my wellness toolbox. Food as medicine is a big one. Hot yoga is a big thing for me. Reiki and energy healing. Limiting social media time. Taking a day of rest where you don’t do anything. That includes laundry, cooking, sit around on your butt, binge watch some Netflix and eat some carbs. I’m just going to

Tell you that that is really hard for me.

It’s hard. You have practice. It’s really hard for me sitting there and saying no all day

And not do

Anything. Yeah, you can do it. And I try to do that once every two weeks or so after that, I feel amazing. I can

Go. I do it. If the husband is at home,

I know. Well, no, you can just tune them out and making time to play and socialize, things like that. So those are things that I’ve used over the past few years that I keep in my wellness toolbox.

Those are great tools. Those are great tools.

We’ll talk about some things that we’re going to try out this year to add to our wellness toolbox, see what we want to keep, what doesn’t work,

What works and doesn’t work. Yep. Yeah.

What do you keep in your wellness

Toolbox? Well, I definitely keep the gym, obviously lifting and cardio. I know people say you shouldn’t do cardio. I enjoy it. And you want to know why I enjoy it. I read my book. Why

Shouldn’t you do cardio?

Oh, most people say that it’s more stressful on your body doing cardio and it produces the cortisol, or I mean, if it does, I still feel like I get benefit from it. Most people say just lift weights, lift weights, lose weight. Well, I still think you need some cardio. And I still see people doing cardio. Maybe not as much, maybe 20 minutes or so. But if I’m just doing a cardio day, I do about an hour and I enjoy it. I read my book. I finished the Outlander series and that book, and I had two cardio. That’s awesome. And that was nine freaking long books. But it’s a great series anyway, but I enjoy reading. So to me that it’s like my little reward for doing a cardio. And I really don’t have time to read for entertainment purposes any other time. I mean, I’m enlightening myself on the latest cannabis thing or fighting with politicians to keep stuff legal.
So there’s other things that I’m doing as far as work goes. So when I go do cardio, even if it’s just my little warmup, I usually do a 20 minute warmup I’m reading, and I enjoy it. So I think that’s a great tool to have doing something you love and you actually look forward to. So I think that’s good. But I also, I do yoga sometimes. I have not been as religious about it as I used to be. If I cannot get to the gym, I still try to make time for yoga. So it’s one or the other. Yoga is phenomenal. It gets you out of your head too then. So we may have had a little technical difficulty and we’re still learning how to edit this stuff. And that’s all on Beth. Yes. However, thanks for listening to us and we will definitely get this down and follow us on YouTube, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest, on breads. We’re on all the socials except really TikTok because they kept shutting me down. But thank you for listening as always, and stay tuned. We definitely got some more podcasts in the works and what we’re going to be talking about. And with Beth being my new co-host, we’re going to maybe try and do a live one, I think would be really

Fun. Yeah, I would love to do a

Q and a live Facebook, everybody QA, I think we might get that scheduled. So definitely love, like and share, and thanks for listening as always, and supporting us and all of it. We’ve been around a while, probably a lot longer than most out there, and we

Appreciate you all. It’s because of you all. That’s why we’re still here.

We love our loyal customers.

That’s right. Thank you. Thanks guys. Have a great day.

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