Rescheduling Cannabis & Menopause

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That was awesome.

Welcome back. Happy hesters to the Hemp and Happiness Show. I am your host Stevie Taylor. And I’m Beth. Thanks for listening and we appreciate you and hopefully you’re doing well out there. We are finally hopefully getting back into the groove of making these podcasts. We tend to get a lot. Thanks for listening. Yes, thanks for listening and be patient with us today. We are going to talk about, so have you all heard the federal government is going to reschedule marijuana? Yeah. How many years has it taken us? Oh my gosh. So yeah, it was put on Schedule 1 19 70. Yeah, because of Nixon. Yeah, yeah. Fucking criminal. And here we still follow some of his rules. How crazy is that? Isn’t that crazy? Criminal 54 years later. Yeah. So yeah, rescheduling to getting off of schedule one takes it off of that being considered no medicinal purpose like heroin or what else is LSD is a schedule one.

Cocaine. I think Cocaine. I don’t think cocaine’s a Schedule two. I was thinking it’s think it schedule. I think it’s scheduled. One used to use that for medicine, heroin back in day. I know heroin, I’m sorry, but you cannot compare heroin to cannabis. No, no. So yeah, getting it to Schedule three puts it online with that Tylenol with codeine, that kind of thing. So what that will allow, this should be completed from what everybody is seeing in the industry before the election. So it should go down to schedule three by then. That’s a smart move by the president. I’m just saying.

He’ll get all this donors out there voting for him. Heck yeah. I mean, I said that’s the way Trump would’ve got reelected with no issues is had he done something about rescheduling, gotten to do a drug test because he’s a, there’s marijuana. I dunno. Oh yeah. I’d like to see him have a drug. Are you kidding? Do you know they don’t test position? Yeah, right. I know exactly to go get the Home Depot. Have you seen? Yeah, yeah, exactly. They don’t test politicians for any drug abuse. Do offense drugs. Oh my God. Not only do they do a ton of drugs, but a lot of them have gotten DUIs. They’ve gotten charges brought against them for domestic violence. I mean, some of that shit is insane. You want to get away with shit, become a politician. Do it, dare you. Yeah. And obviously I’m not naming names or anything, but yeah, they’ve done some crazy shit. But yeah, you were talking about all the people. They said today 6 million Americans are using medical cannabis now. 6 million. How many people isn’t that basis? Right? I dunno is like 3 million. We got two people. They all drive horrible drivers in Louisville.

So this is a big deal for a lot of people. Yeah. But yeah, so this will allow research because you could not use a Schedule one or the chain of custody and blah, blah, blah. And it will allow doctors to recommend cannabis for specific indications. So that’s a big deal. Heck yeah, that’s a huge deal. And what I like about it too is that it cannabis companies will be able to write off their business expenses. Is that E two 80? E two 80 for the tax issues. That was a big concern on my end about even getting into medical or rec because man, you can write off your business expenses. Could you imagine not being able to write off your own payroll? That’s just straight out of your net income. And so that I think that’ll be great. And it’ll be easier for banks too.

Yes. So a lot of banks, yeah, banking that will make a huge difference. It’s just like you’re operating at a drug store, like selling tunnel. Yeah, exactly. But yeah, I mean its still not going to be federally legal. That doesn’t change like the laws, but the way we can work with cannabis will change. And I think taking it off the schedule one though, it’s going to make a lot of people won’t be going to jail for smoking a drug. Yeah, exactly. You know what I mean? And you’ll be able to hopefully no more prison for cannabis. Finally, they better let all those people that are sitting in there for nonviolent cannabis charges, they should let all out just expunged. I think like 55,000 felonies because they’re going recreational. Good, good. I mean to think that someone has been sitting in jail for 10, 20 years for a dime back. You know what I mean? For freaking they had a plant in their pocket. Oh my goodness. You had some dry herbs. Oh my lord, heaven. It’s your medicine.

Yeah, that’s good news. Sometimes we can talk about, don’t have to talk about all the things that stresses out. Make us mad in sense. I know, right? This is really, I don’t dunno what it’s going to do. For the state of Kentucky Medical passed and I think July and August there is going to be an application process and it is pretty damn expensive. It’s 5,000 just to apply and they’ve got a dispensary growers and there’s three tiers to a grower and then a processor and it’s 5,000 for the application. You have to be a qualified applicant, then you get put into a lottery. So it’s funny because I always said it’s such a good old boys network here. Well, I think they did away with that. I don’t think it is going to matter who you know. Goodness. Yes and no. Damnit I thought, I mean, as much work as I did, I thought maybe I would have a little bit more of a leg.

But at the same time, if you’re a qualified candidate and you get it, then yay. Do you know what I mean? So I think it’s going to keep some people out that aren’t qualified, especially for the monetary reasons. Not only is a $5,000 application fee, but then it’s $30,000 to get your license. So if you win the lottery, it’s another $30,000 per year for your license. I think that goes down the second year. But for the first year, and then you have to be able to show that you have $150,000 and live with cash. So this is not for the week or just anybody. They’ve definitely put the limits on it. My fear, and I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, is that big Canada is going to come in and there’s some really big companies that are out in the United States that have monopolized and have made a killing and they’ve got some shady practices going on.

And my fear is that’s kind of what’s going to happen here in Kentucky because it definitely happened in the hemp side. So I’m worried about the medical because they have the money to put in multiple applications in multiple regions. I mean, there’s only going to be 48 dispensaries in the entire, and it’s broken up by region. And so this region will have six, another region will have four. There’s only going to be allowed to be two dispensaries in actual Jefferson County and two in Fayette County. Those are the two biggest. So you got Lexington Local, all the other ones, and if the county doesn’t want it or the city doesn’t want it, they can file an ordinance. So you can’t set up a medical cannabis. So for a lot of those dry counties, do you really think so it’s going to be county to county think they do.

Yep. County to county I think. But even little cities, I think cities can file an ordinance not to have it there. Granted we live in a pretty liberal town. Yeah. Liberal town. And even this where we’re at city-wise, I think it’s a little more progressive, which I think is great. So hopefully there won’t be a lot of issues here for that. But I think you’re going to have a shit ton of people applying and you’re going to have, I mean it’s going to be a lot of competition. And just to flush $5,000 down the toilet makes me CR because you to put in that application, you don’t get that money back. You could not get that money back. And granted, I mean if you don’t win, you don’t win. But at the same time I’m like, I’m a cheap man. I don’t like spending a lot of money.

I really don’t. So it’s funny, I just, we’ll see. I know. Everybody keeps asking, are y’all going to get into, it’s just that easy. It’s sure buddy, I’m just going to open up one day and suddenly be medical and hopefully it won’t kill the in Kentucky. I don’t know why marijuana and him are going at each other. Oh man. And federal, they are bad. So I mean it really should just stick with the way it is now with the hemp, even with the adult use cannabinoids and let marijuana be, it’s marijuana. Even though it’s cannabis, even though, I dunno what’s going on. I don’t either. And I have so many fears that I’ll just keep them to myself because I don’t want the people that listen to my podcast to Oh, that’s a good idea, Deedee.

I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way. So I don’t know. I mean, we’ll see. We’ll see. But yeah, to bring that up though, the 2024 Farm Bill, they have been working on that federally, and of course we’ve got two big players right here in the state of Kentucky that want to ban all of the hemp derived cannabinoids that are intoxicating. Both Comer and McConnell do not want them. And those were the two biggest supporters for him. So it’s kind of weird how gone the hemp brown table, they sent out their blurbs about it. So many states are putting more regulations in. Some states have completely banned the products. I have no idea which ones. If you buy products from us, make sure you check your state to see if they’re legal there. That is not my job to keep up with every state’s legalities.

That’s your job as a consumer. So make sure you are aware whether your state is legal or not legal. I wouldn’t want someone to get in trouble for that. You know what I mean? Now, I don’t care if you come to Kentucky and buy it though. I’ll sell it to you coming in the store. That’s different. But yeah, if you’ve ordered online, just be mindful of that so you don’t get in trouble. There are some states that have completely banned it, but in federal, in the Farm Bill, you’ve got your oppositions that they want all this stuff done. Well, it’s big, big cannabis. It’s big marijuana that’s trying to do that because hemps, legal hemps, federally legal, completely off the schedule completely. So hemp, even though Kentucky’s trying to make us pay all these fucking fees, that was previous podcast. So marijuana companies do not like us Not being regulated.

Yes. Not being regulated and being able to sell products cheaper and not pay as many taxes and not pay as many fees. So that’s the big, that is so completely different. I mean the types of products, we can’t sell flour. Right. I don’t think they’re going to allow that medical either. Well, you might be able to sell it, but you’re going to be able to smoke it, which they going to do. They didn’t because they got rid of vapes. Yeah. They’re trying to get rid of vapes with House Bill 11. Our shit makes no sense. So now, yeah, you may be able to get flour, but you’re not allowed to smoke it. You can only bake with it. And then how do you know how many milligrams is it whatever It’s you’re making. You got to get a butter machine. Yeah. That makes no sense.

Pain. Yeah, it makes no sense. None of that makes any sense to me at all. It’s start right. Everybody kept saying it’s a start. It’s a start. It’s a start. I’m like, have y’all read this stuff? I don’t know about what a good start it is, but whatever. Whatever. I’m still happy. Something passed. But yeah, so we’ll see. But that farm bill I think is going to be interesting. It could change a lot of things. It could go one way and it could go another. And I try not to worry, but some days I worry, I worry a lot actually about things. Just how with the legalese and how things change and what’s coming and what’s not coming. But that kind of leads us into changes as well. Oh yeah. Changes happen all the time. Change does happen. And the one thing that poor women have to go through is budget changed and menopause.

Look at that segue. We’ve segued right into that. That’s what we meant to talk about, but we had to get through the hippy stuff first. Okay. Menopause. So a lot of people, our clients have been using CCB D for a long time. Help regulate hormones, helps with it helps your body with that homeostasis. Yes, exactly. So even while your hormone levels may be off, it’s going to try and help balance out your body with what it is combating. So for menopause and perimenopause, what it does the most, I think, again, not a doctor, but what I think it does is that it helps your body regulate its temperature, it regulates the mood swings. You’re not quite as bitchy. At least that’s what most people tell me. And just kind of helps you stay more on an even keel as you’re going through it. For some women, man, the hot flashes is horrible.

I don’t really have them, but I’m still young. Damnit, last time I checked, I wasn’t even a perimenopause and I only have one ovary left. So I was kind of surprised by that. But although I think I already went through it, it’s just not showing it back when. I mean, I had a hysterectomy back in 2014, and they only left one ovary because I had a lot, I’ve had a lot of EDA issues my entire life. So it was the best thing that ever happened to me was getting that shit out of there. So it was such a, oh, it’s wonderful. So I really think that I went through it back when my hysterectomy happened. You know what I mean? So because I tell you what, and not it has to be then, but for six months after, oh my god, swings and waking up in the middle of the night just covered in sweats.

Those are the worst. Oh, those are so bad. Every now and again, that’ll happen. Now I get hot, but I also have a Tempurpedic. So I think that phony sp stuff makes it even hotter hot, makes it hotter. So ladies get you a chill pad. It’s called a chill pad. You can sleep on it. It’s water that goes through and chills everything. It’s wonderful. I bought John because he’s so hot-blooded. But yeah, CBDI think helps with sleep and CBD in general, full spectrum. So that has all the OIDs that is just going to help your body regulate itself. You may still need hormone replacement therapy. That’s stuff to talk to about your doctor, but man, we sure can help you sleep. Delta eight is great for sleep. So is Delta nine with cbn. Love that for sleepy time. So there’s products that can help. We also have functional mushrooms and I’m sorry, but mushrooms are amazing for our body.

Amazing. We’ve got these gummies called truami nootropics, and the ones that I take are the daily ones. I love these. You just eat one gummy. They didn’t actually taste good and they don’t taste like mango because I can’t stand the plate of mango. They say mango on there, the strawberry mango, strawberry mango. But they’re actually pretty good. I eat one a day. And I think it just gives you that added nutrients that your body needs to function properly. Just kind of like CBD does. It works in your system, it works with your endocannabinoid system. But yeah, those are great things to use in your repertoire of battling perimenopause and menopause in general. We do. We get asked that a lot. We do. And so anything that you can do to help with those exercise, be healthy? Oh yeah, of course. All those things. But yeah, it’s the way that kind of helps your body get back into homeostasis and helps with that sleep and mood swings.

Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Don’t get me wrong, I stop. That’s just part of your life because you jump from one thing to another, so you got to take care of things. And sometimes I’ll cuss in my office when legislators throw these damn rags on my desk. That’s right. That’s right. That’ll make your mood swing just a little bit. But yeah, I think that you can, using CBD products religiously and using them, you should a supplement. A supplement, like a dietary. Don’t wait until you’re miserable to take it should be your first choice, not your last. Right? Mean in all seriousness, because a lot of people come to, they’ve tried everything and then we help them and then they’re like, God, I wish I would’ve tried you sooner. Well, you can’t do not need to wait. You know what I mean? And for the most part, you don’t need a medical card to come get our products at all.

You want to know. That’s right. And most doctors are going to, A lot of them, at least nowadays, they will tell you try it. As long as it’s not interacting with any medications that you’re on. A lot are like, well, I can’t say yes or no, but try it. See what you think. More and more doctors are referring their patients here, which I love. Me too. I’ve seen that change over the past five years that I’ve been here. And it used to be like, oh, don’t try that stuff. And now they’re like, I’ve heard such great things. Just try it. Definitely. Well, and the more people that tell their doctors that they’re using it, they’re actually getting results for it, the more that it’s going to. So if you’re using it, do tell your doctor, right? Oh, for sure, you should anyway. All of mine know.

Are you kidding? And then I tell them, if you got any patients that need my products, you should tell. Exactly. Because I lie. I hate going. Me too. I do. I dunno. I just, Ugh, anxiety. I do. I do too. And I mean, you’ve got to go for your yearly, especially women. I mean, you need to get out. And then when you leave, you feel so much better. You’re like, okay, I know right Going, you’re all stressed and everything. I swear I have that white coat syndrome. My blood pressure will raise when I’m in there. Well, it didn’t this last time. I like that because I work out like a mofo, I swear. I think that’s what keeps, I know that’s what keeps my blood pressure down and normal. But I was glad. I was glad like, oh yay, I, the white coat didn’t get me this time.

So that’s a good thing. But man, it’s uncomfortable. You’re all naked and on the table and they’re doing things to you that you, I mean, it’s gross. It’s not the most pleasant thing in the world to go through, but it’s something that you just need to do. Just taking care of yourself. I mean, to me, it’s almost like getting oil change for your car. You know what, if you wanted to keep running, you need to go get things checked out and make sure things are still running. Dunno when you need to add fluids or not. Or hey, you need to add some more vitamin D. Or Hey, your vitamin complex are offer, oh, your a1 C level’s a little high, you need to work on this. Or cholesterol or whatever. Yeah, definitely do your checkups and get your blood.

I mean, obviously we’re very holistic here and we promote holistic products. But at the same time, there is a use for too. Yes. Have both. You really do. And your arsenal, I mean, my gosh, I was having some rotator cuff issues and I had this, it felt like almost like I had a broken bone just on the side, but it wasn’t broken. You know what I mean? I could still walk, but God bless it hurt. So I started, I always see my chiropractor first. Well, he always fixes me. Thank goodness. Nice plug for you, Dr. Dan at Pathways. Love you.

So I always see him first. But what it ended up being was muscle. And I went to my physical therapist, Brandon Evans, and he, oh my gosh, he made such a huge difference. And I only had to see him three times for him to work these out. And then he gave me the exercises I needed to do. If it starts acting up again, my foot is completely healed. My rotator cuff, I still have some soreness and some things when I’m working out. I think it’s from an old injury I had on with Myle type thing. But man, it’s made a big difference. And just being more mobile. I’ve been working out there too. So I love it. I love it. And all that good stuff. And lifting. But just being active is super important too. For your health and wellness. Especially for women. Well, especially for men, for all of us.

Everybody needs it. Cats. Everybody. Everybody does. He stimulated too. And Dr. Brandon is with Proactive. Proactive. Proactive. Yes. pt. Physical therapy. Physical therapy. Check him out. He’s amazing. He is amazing. He wants to do that. Yeah. Movement. Evan, no medicine type thing to get you back where you need to be. Yeah. And he’s got a great personal trainer too. So I’ve kind of been working out with her. And we did some yoga today, which was nice. Been as religious about yoga lately, and I was like, oh damn, I really do So good. Yeah, tonight this evening. Missed a week and a half. Do yoga. Everybody do yoga. But yeah, if you all have ever have any questions about what’s going on in the world as far as regulations in Kentucky and Federal, I really do try to keep up with all of that. I read every single day.

And I try to keep up to date on most the states too. But again, if you’re buying products from us, just make sure your state’s legal. But also if you’re going through perimenopause free menopause or menopause itself and you’re experiencing a whole bunch of symptoms, try giving CBD full spectrum a try. Come and see us. Come and see us call and we can help you with those dosages and things like that. You find your dose. Yeah. That’s really important. And we all metabolize it differently so everybody’s dose is different. I think that’s the one big thing about CCB D products that is hard for the FDA to regulate because it’s not one size fits all. It’s not this for this person, it’s not based on weight, how your body uses it and metabolizes it. So I think that really is why they’re having such a hard time with it.

And honestly, I can’t stand the FDA A, they’ve made a lot of horrible decisions and have allowed a lot of horrible drugs to pass to in recent years. So I don’t really feel like I need their, I know how I feel taking, you know what I mean? Yeah. They don’t prove these functional mushrooms either. They certainly do not. Or even health food. Oh my gosh. Without chemicals in it. What? Oh, you mean we shouldn’t have high fructose corns syrup, but everything that we eat, what? No, I know all the words, but in the cereal, there’s chemicals in kids cereals and die stuff that’s been banned in other countries. But the FDA says, oh, it’s completely safe. It’s not carcinogenic.

Oh my God. There’s so many young people now getting colon cancer. Young, young, young. And it’s because of the, you’ve got the red 40, the yellow five, I mean just cancer causing that is not sold in other countries. No. And I mean the chemicals in the foods and cereals and processed stuff, it is awful for us. So you’ve got to watch what you eat. You know what I mean? Eat a apple. The whole ingredient is apple. And that will help. Look at the ingredients list. The less ingredients, the better it is for you. If there’s 40 things on that, do not put that in your mouth because who knows what that is. And I’m weird. So I eat protein bars. Right. And we’ll wrap this up, sorry. But I do eat protein bars, but I was eating one protein bar that had stuff that gave me the godless gas.

I think it hurt. You probably did probably smell it too. I mean it hurt my belly and everything. So then I started looking at the ingredients more and there is, I think it’s like an artificial sweetener. Oh really? And I think it was Tal. Yeah, that definitely. Cause whoa. And that kills dogs. Yes, it does. And did you know that that was in a very popular CBD oil that was being sold at vets clinics? No. It sure was scary. Yep. And that’s why even on our CBD oils, we do not have added extra stuff in it. You don’t need it all. Naturals best. Naturals best. But yeah, on those, I had to find me some good protein bars. That protein wouldn’t give me gas. So they’re hard to buy. Thanks for doing that. I know. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. Everybody in my store has felt, and with menopause, again, diet will really help.

More natural getting, getting less of the dairy too. Yeah, get a lot of, but also don’t eat a lot of soy either. You got to limit some of that kind of stuff too. So it’s all about in moderation. I mean, I’m trying to, obviously I’m eating healthier. I’m down 26 pounds. Thank you. Those were my stress pounds. I’m finally losing again. And working out helps, but also just monitoring what I’m eating. And I’m on the new app, so that has made a big difference. And that’s me logging my meals so I know how many calories. I was eating at such a calorie deficit for so long that that’s why I gained your body. Because starving itself and now yeah, you have to eat all the time. Your losing and weight. It’s great. I’m like, oh, this is wonderful. Imagine eating so much more food.

And I’m active, so it’s not like I’m not active. Just sit around, do shit. So do experiments. We’re our own science experiments, so figure out what works for you because there’s, you got to take care of your body. It’s the only one you get. You can’t do nothing without your body. Yeah, just keep that in mind, Joe. And definitely add he to your yogurt amazingness. Just hemp parts is a super food. I don’t care if hemp protein, it’s first taste to it. I’ll eat hemp hearts and my yogurt is in myself. I like yogurt. But it’s a really good story just putting that out there. So anyway, you guys have questions about any of the things we talk about. Please reach out to us and info like follow, subscribe, share us, do all the fun things on socials. And as always, we appreciate you listening to us. You take care. Be good and have a And. Yes,

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