Why the Switch to
Mireya Extracts?

Why did the name switch to Mireya Extracts? The answer is simple, to help as many people as possible.
When 502 Hemp founder, Dee Dee Taylor, hung up her shingle on her first store, she had only one mission, to help as many people as possible with CBD. Dee Dee found that using CBD enhanced the daily life of both her and her husband, John. Even though the FDA continues to have a strict policy against any medical claims regarding CBD and a continuing refusal to publish studies conclusively suggesting anything to the contrary, she quickly realized that there was a continuing stigma attached to CBD and other hemp derived products. To make matters worse, she found that many people in this industry sought to capitalize on the sudden controversial and infamous nature of CBD by selling inferior and potentially dangerous products. This combination of circumstances put Dee Dee on a mission to educate people on what CBD might offer them, as well as, provide safe products guided by the phrase “Quality, Integrity, and Knowledge Matter.” From there 502 Hemp was born.
The 502 storefront, founded in 2018, quickly gained notoriety for those seeking alternative and holistic alternatives to medications with harmful and addictive side effects. Soon after the opening of the storefront, Dee Dee, found an opportunity to produce her own hemp-derived brand through her husband’s extraction company. Being locally based, she also named the brand “502 Hemp”. These products quickly and steadily grew in demand as awareness of CBD and the quality products Dee Dee was producing grew. In 2021, it became evident that 502 Hemp products had grown in demand beyond the original footprint. It also became evident that some local government agencies and officials were not keen on seeing the hemp and CBD industry grow.

For these reasons Dee Dee knew it was necessary to start looking for ways to market these amazing products beyond the local community. In 2017, a miraculous thing happened, Dee Dee’s niece gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Mireya. When Dee Dee heard the name Mireya (Latin based, meaning “miracle” or “admired”), and saw the angelic beauty of her new born great-niece, she always loved the name and eventually decided on Mireya Extracts for the new brand. In 2021, Dee Dee spent countless hours refining this new brand, adding new products centered around Wellness, and making sure that the quality and reliability of the existing products stayed the same.

The rest is history! We hope you continue to enjoy our products and continue to spread the word about the miracle of the hemp plant and all it has to offer.