Check out 502 Hemp’s Dee Dee Taylor on WAVE discussing 502 Hemp and showcasing 502’s DZ and Mireya brands.


DZ products are made from quality ingredients. Our Delta 8 is below the federal guidelines of 0.3% Delta 9 THC so you can enjoy it without the “illegal” fear. Our gourmet chocolates will make your tastebuds smile and get your body poppin! Our tincture is a delightful citrus way to consume Delta 8 and can be used in other products as well. Our gummies are so tasty, it’s hard not to eat the whole bag! So whether you are a chocolate connoisseur, prefer gummies or a citrus flavor, DZD8 is for you!

Mireya Extracts

Mireya Extracts products have been perfectly formulated for a superior wellness experience. We have designed our products based on feedback from you, the consumer. In accordance with the FDA we cannot make claims on the specific benefits of our products, so we have followed the lead of what we have found works best for us and our customers. We are centered around Wellness, Quality, and Customer Service. These values often seem lost in a time where marketing presence and company size tend to reign supreme. We are happy to be a small business who supports other small businesses in our community and beyond.

We offer a variety of hemp derived wellness products which include topicals, edibles, and oils. The formulation of our products ranges from 100% THC Free to items with varying concentrations of THC. All of our products are hemp-derived and under the federally required limit so they may be purchased and used anywhere is the United States, worry free.

Our products are ethically sourced and all raw materials used in the creation of these products are certified all-natural. Additionally, all our CBD and other cannabinoids are extracted using the purest, solvent-free methods available. The flavorings that we use in our tinctures are natural flavorings as well and if a sweetener is used, it’s monk fruit.

We created this product for you. ME for you!


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