At 502 Hemp, we recently had the privilege of taking a trip down memory lane during our appearance on WAVE Listens Live! The opportunity to chat about the remarkable journey of the past five years allowed us to reflect on the growth, achievements, and milestones that have shaped our company. Join us as we revisit some key moments from the live interview and share some exciting news!

From Reseller to Independent Brand

One of the most significant transformations we’ve experienced over the past half-decade is our evolution from being a reseller to establishing ourselves as an independent brand. During the live interview, we emphasized how this shift has empowered us to cut out the middlemen and take control of flavorings. After all, we believe that if you’re going to incorporate something into your daily routine, it should not only be beneficial but also delight your taste buds.

Changing Lives with Delta 8/Delta 9

Our conversation with the WAVE Listens Live! team uncovered the deeply touching impact we’ve had on our customers’ lives. In a particularly moving account, we shared the story of a veteran who managed to replace a staggering 11 prescription medications with the help of our Delta 8/Delta 9 products. This story beautifully encapsulates the life-changing potential of our offerings and highlights our commitment to improving lives.

Legal Questions Addressed

One of the most common queries we receive pertains to the legality of our products. During the interview, we took the opportunity to address this concern. We made it clear that all our products are sourced from hemp, not marijuana, even though both belong to the same plant family. By doing so, we assured our customers that we are in full compliance with the law, providing safe and legal products they can trust.

12 Years of Experience and Counting

While we’re incredibly proud of celebrating our fifth anniversary, it’s essential to acknowledge that our experience goes beyond these five years. With 12 years of industry expertise under our belt, 502 Hemp has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and insights into hemp-derived products. This depth of experience highlights our dedication to delivering the highest quality CBD and Delta-8 offerings while providing expert guidance to our customers.

Anniversary Celebration

As a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support, we have an exciting announcement to share! In celebration of our fifth anniversary, we’re offering a special promotion throughout the month. When you place an order on our website, simply use the code “Celebrate20” during checkout to enjoy a generous 20% discount on your purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you for making this incredible journey possible.

See the interview here