Dry skin issues? Muscle or joint pain? Skin conditions? There are a variety of CBD products that could help with these health conditions. One such product is CBD lotion?

What is CBD Lotion?

CBD lotion is a product consisting of moisturizer infused with hemp extract, otherwise known at CBD.  Amazing moisturizers are created with natural ingredients that are effective without the grease.  502 Hemp CBD lotions are made with natural ingredients, essential oils, and our quality CBD.

How Can CBD Lotion Help You?

  • address dry skin naturally
  • natural antioxidants of ingredients and CBD fight free radicals
  • the cannabinoids of CBD could help reduce inflammation
  • full-spectrum CBD in lotion can ease pain
  • CBD and natural ingredients can promote rash or hive healing

502 Hemp offers CBD lotion in a variety of natural scents and unscented for any health need you may have.  Our CBD topicals offer a variety of benefits for health and beauty.