CBD lollipops are a delicious way to get your CBD dose.   CBD works with your existing Endocannabinoid system that could help with a variety of wellness needs.  The endocannabinoid system or ECS can be found in your central nervous system, this is your brain and spine. ECS can also be found throughout the body including your skin.  ECS receptors communicate and partner with your nervous system to bring your body back into balance.   THC free CBD lollipops, when made with natural ingredients and quality CBD, are more than a sweet treat.

What does a THC Free CBD Lollipop do?

These CBD edibles offer a daily dose or a CBD boost when needed. Plus, they’re easy to carry and travel well. CBD lollipops could help with anxiety and may be useful for potential sensory triggering situations. CBD may improve focus, help with ADHD symptoms and with other cognitive disorders. It could reduce inflammation to help with headaches, joint pain, gut inflammation, and more.  CBD lollipops are friendly for any age, yes kids too! 502 Hemp creates our CBD lollipops with 25 mg of THC free CBD and natural ingredients.   Our THC free CBD lollipops are an excellent option for those concerned with drug testing.  Try one or all of our delicious flavors: cherry, sour apple, grape, lemon, and orange.