The CBD and the hemp industry is rapidly growing.  502 Hemp breaks down what are CBD topicals and the science behind the benefits of using these products.  

What are CBD Topicals?

Cannabinoids Simply, topicals are personal care products applied directly to the skin that contains hemp. It can be hemp extract, hemp seed oil, or hemp root. We know it can become confusing when understanding how each hemp component can help you. 

Hemp extract is extracted from the hemp plant which contains all or part of the cannabinoids. Full-spectrum hemp extract contains all of the cannabinoids. CBD isolate contains only the CBD or cannabidiol.  Sometimes CBD isolate is referred to as THC free. 

Hemp seed oil does not contain any of the cannabinoids. This means hemp seed oil is not hemp extract. Like hemp seed oil, hemp root does not contain the cannabinoids found in hemp extract either.  However, hemp root does contain terpenes and other natural healing compounds.  

The Power of Antioxidants

antioxidants Free radicals are cells that have a negative ion.  As long as that electron does not receive a positive mate, it triggers a process called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is toxic to our bodies and starts damaging cells.  Plants offer the anecdote to free radicals with antioxidants. Antioxidants offer the free radical what it wants, a positive charge. This inactivates the free radical.

Each plant has a unique set of antioxidants. Hemp plants, seed, or roots are no different. Hemp contains the antioxidants vitamin E, tocopherol, phytol.  These are just three major players of antioxidants. Plant antioxidant exists various sizes, as antioxidant variety is crucial because free radicals are not created in one size. Variety increases the likelihood of stabilizing more free radicals.  Using a CBD topical could help with aging and protecting cellular integrity with the hemp plant’s unique set of antioxidants.  

502 Hemp has a couple of recommendations concerning CBD topicals.  

Take advantage of a personal consultation.

The knowledgeable staff at 502 Hemp can help you discover what CBD topicals could work best for you and inform you of all CBD product options.  A personal consultation gives the opportunity on how to best use a product and have your questions answered. 

Always take a test  

To make sure a product will not cause a reaction, spread a small amount on your inner arm near your elbow. Know how to use CBD topicals for your best success. 

CBD topicals offer natural solutions for multiple health and wellness concerns. Watch 502 Hemp on Spectrum 1 news explain more CBD beauty and topical benefits. CBD topicals are accompanied by other ingredients as well. When reading labels, take caution for too many ingredients and toxic ingredients. 502 Hemp offers a growing selection of CBD topical products in-store or online. Our 502 Hemp team is here to answer questions and consult with you on the best CBD products for you.