Holistically speaking, you can strengthen your immune system in multiple ways.  What you eat, exercise, quality sleep all impact your immune system.  CBD oil may be another tool you can use to strengthen your immune system.

Strengthen your Immune System with CBD: The How

CBD works with your CB1 and CB2 receptors of your endocannabinoid system to maintain biochemical balance.  Biochemicals like hormones regulate many processes in your body.  If there stress hormones activated, in the short term this blocks foreign bodies and protects you.  Long term activated stress hormones prevent healing and cause damage.  CBD may reduce stress hormones and increases positive chemicals live serotonin.

CBD is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent and immunomodulator.  Reducing inflammation allows for your body to repair itself and your immune system to fight better.  As an immunomodulator, CBD may regulate the immune system directly.  CBD could lower immune responses when they are not needed and support immune responses when it’s time to tackle a bodily invader.

Strengthen your Immune System with CBD: The What

Certain CBD products are more beneficial than others depending on your goal.  Taking CBD oil consistently is the base for CBD to help with your immune system.  Contact 502 Hemp and/or talk with our staff for help with dosage.  You need enough but not too much for maximum benefit.  CBD edibles are a sweet extra for extra stressful days or if pain increases.  CBD oil for pain management works with the same endocannabinoid system receptors that help your immune system.  Being active helps your immune system and CBD could benefit your workout.

Eat well and a variety of foods.  Keep active and consider CBD as another source to help strengthen your immune system.  502 Hemp has quality CBD products for every need.