The Extract Wellness Salve

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2 reviews for The Extract Wellness Salve

  1. Caye

    OMG what took so long! This is a GOD SEND and finally the government getting the “H” out off the way! Five minutes, pain is reduced , ten minutes pain is almost totally gone. Any reduction in pain is great but this is a miracle! So grateful!

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      So happy to hear how this is helping you! We love the salve as well and use it daily for maximum benefits. Thank you so much for leaving this review. We truly appreciate your loyalty.

  2. Joey

    I’ve used this salve multiple times over the past couple years. I have used it on muscle aches in my back and shoulder, and even on a stubbed toe I couldn’t walk on. Within minutes the pain was gone after application and through reapplying as needed. HIGHLY recommend.

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      So happy to hear how our products help! Thank you for posting and recommending.

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