Kentucky’s Best Hemp Gummies

(3 customer reviews)


100mg pack – 10mg full spectrum hemp extract per gummie – assorted flavors


3 reviews for Kentucky’s Best Hemp Gummies

  1. Kayla69

    They have a great taste to them and if you eat one on an empty stomach you may feel a calming effect faster

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      Glad you like them! Thank you for the review!

  2. Dawn

    Do they have thc in them?

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      This brand is full spectrum, so yes, but under federal guidelines of 0.3%. If you want THC free, check out the Extract Wellness Gummies. Those are completely THC free.

  3. Lisa Colvin

    Taste great and help with my chronic back pain and anxiety. Can’t wait to get my next order in.

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      So happy to hear this!!! Another person that loves our gummies said to hold them under your tongue to get the CBD in your system a little quicker too, then chew/swallow. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.

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