Kentucky’s Best Hemp Root Salve

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Original scent, available in 2 ounce or 4 ounce twist off jar.

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3 reviews for Kentucky’s Best Hemp Root Salve


    I cant thank you enough for such a great product!
    A friend ordered this for me because of my chronic back and arthritis pain.
    I was eating ibuprofen like candy.
    I was skeptic, but with in 10 minutes I was in no pain, I seriously will not go without this stuff.
    I use it daily.
    It has also helped my husband with some skin issues that prescription creams and steroids couldn’t touch.
    A little goes a long way so it lasts.
    Again thank you for working hard to make sure a quality product like this is available!
    FYI: I’m all the way in Iowa

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      So happy to hear how much this is helping you and both you and your husband are finding relief! You have a wonderful friend! 🙂 Thank you so much for this review. We will continue to have quality products available. We are very picky about our manufacturer and are grateful they set the gold standard when it comes to testing and quality. Thank you for this amazing review. We are more than happy to ship to Iowa!!!

  2. Suzanne Thompson

    I bought this to use on my hands and back. It definitely helps to relieve my pain. While I was in the store buying a container of this product, the lady behind the counter was telling the lady in front of me to rub it on her nasal passages at night. I have been on medication for years for allergies. I rubbed on my nasal cavities that night and on my neck. I have never breathed better in my life. I am no longer taking any allergy medication. This salve is wonderful. I hope I can find more uses for it. Thank you!

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      That is amazing!!! Love hearing how everyone is using our products for so many different ailments and that they work!! Thank you for leaving this review. We truly appreciate it and your loyalty!!

  3. Bonita Jacobs

    I am just wondering if it was rubbed inside or outside on the nasel passages. Ive never used it before so i don’t think i can or should rate it.

    • Dee Dee Taylor

      Thank you for asking… We have had a number of customer use it in their nasal passages for a variety of issues and found relief from it. Keep us posted if you try it and let us know how it worked for you. Thank you!

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