Natural CBD beauty products go beyond the “me” time boost.  Hemp and CBD infused products could offer impressive results with the power of plants. Hemp and hemp-derived products (CBD) contain a variety of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are free-radical fighters that help with aging and overall breaking down or negative changes for our cells.  You need lots of different antioxidants as free radicals come in different shapes and sizes.  Hemp has the power to do that. This isn’t all CBD beauty products can do.  We choose our top five and explain why you need to check them out.

CBD Bath Bomb

These are not a bath time accessory.  CBD bath bombs made with quality hemp extract and natural ingredients are part of your beauty and wellness routine.  These CBD products can help relax muscles for improved circulation.  Better circulation means optimal oxygen flow.  This allows nutrients/antioxidants to get where they need to be.  When they are made with essential oils, this can trigger your limbic system then setting a domino effect in your body to produce needed chemicals.

CBD Essential Oil Roll-On

You can get an uplifted mood with CBD essential oil roll-ons.   Natural carrier oils like jojoba are incredible moisturizers.  Quality essential oils can help open up airways and promote relaxation.  No one wants to be constantly stressed, but it’s more than a mental issue.  Chronic stress negatively impacts your body physically, including your skin.  CBD naturally works with your endocannabinoid system and nervous system to calm your mind and body.  This is why we love our High Vibe CBD essential oil roll-on.

Hemp Beard Oil

Face manes cannot be left out.  Hemp seed oil can moisturize like other natural oils. It’s a great option for addressing drying facial hair.  Hemp seed oil may do more.  Hemp helps the skin regulate oil production.  Many other natural oils could clog pores, hemp seed oil is less likely to do so.  Hemp beard oil could moisturize your mane, skin, and help keep it from producing too much oil.

CBD Balm

Full-spectrum CBD balm is so versatile for your beauty routine it’s ridiculous.  Natural moisturizer? Check.  Need a rash gone? CBD balm could help with that.  Acne? We got your anti-inflammatory CBD balm in stock.  Sore muscles? Check. Have a cut or abrasion? CBD balm may be your answer.  Wrinkles? Those amazing anti-oxidant wrinkle fighters can be found in 502 Hemp CBD balm.  CBD balms are natural CBD beauty products that everyone in the family can benefit from.

CBD Lotion

CBD lotion helps you not that much different than CBD balm.  Unlike CBD balm, CBD lotion is best not used on your face.  502 Hemp’s CBD lotion contains essential oil benefits and CBD power.  Reduce the restrictive flow from muscle tension or stress. Plus moisturize while doing it.  One of the best parts of natural CBD products is what’s not in them.  CBD lotion does not contain toxic chemicals that could trigger free radical damage to your body.

Hemp Extract Gummies

You need to eat for your beauty.  This means stay hydrated and lots of fruit and veggies.  You also need beauty sleep.  It’s a real thing.  Hemp extract gummies may help you sleep better which could lead to healthier decisions.  All of this impacts your ability to fully show your beauty.  502 Hemp CBD gummies are completely natural without the toxic chemicals you don’t need.  They are packed with quality CBD and natural ingredients you might need for better sleep and less stress.Check out CBD beauty products for more products for your beauty routine. Make the most of natural CBD beauty products by learning how to use CBD topicals in our CBD education center.  If you’re not sure which CBD product is the best for you, contact us for a private CBD consultation.