Plant Based Protein Plant-based foods are on the rise and plant-based proteins are no exception.  Hemp protein can offer more than the benefits of being plant-based.

Benefits of Hemp Protein

Plant-Based & Vegan Friendly

Hemp protein is a plant-based protein that is derived from hemp seeds.  The hemp seeds are pressed to remove hemp seed oils and leave behind a nutritional punch.  Plant-based proteins tend to be easier to digest than whey proteins or soy proteins. With proper processing techniques and the right ingredients, hemp protein is vegan friendly.

Nutritionally Dense

Quality hemp protein is rich in omega fatty acids.  Omega fatty acids are needed throughout your body including heart, brain, nerves, and muscles. Besides easier to digest protein, hemp protein contains fiber to promote gut health and hormone regulation. Hemp seed contains iron, magnesium, copper, zinc which aid in blood oxygen levels and immune function.

Hemp Protein Ideas

  • Maximize absorption with ascorbic acid in Vitamin C rich foods such as spinach, kale, berries, and citrus foods.
  • Add as serving in oatmeal, buckwheat, and other break foods.
  • Upgrade your shakes or juices with hemp protein.
  • Bake healthy sweet potato brownies or zucchini bread with hemp protein.

Hemp protein should not contain cannabinoids as it is made with hemp seeds.  502 Hemp carries vegan-friendly hemp protein with without CBD or THC.  Hemp seeds contain healthy fats; however, these fats can cause side effects for some.  Adding hemp to oats and other fibrous foods can the digestion of hemp protein made from hemp seeds. Hemp protein is not the only way to boost your wellness routine.  502 Hemp offers many quality CBD and Hemp products for a healthy lifestyle.