CBD oil can be very effective if used properly!

Based on anecdotal evidence, CBD may be extremely effective for a multitude of different ailments. The number one issue that people come to 502 Hemp in Louisville, La Grange, Simpsonville and Shepherdsville is for SLEEP! Most people complain of waking up throughout the night or not being able to shut their mind off to fall asleep.  A lot of factors could be causing these sleepless nights, like stress and anxiety. We also tend to wake up during the night when our cortisol levels are at their highest, which can cause us to wake up and have a hard time falling back asleep.  However, when people have added 502 Hemp’s quality CBD oil to their nightly routine, they have reported that they are sleeping better, which is helping their anxiety.  Many people take CBD oil for anxiety reduction as well.  While we aren’t making any claims to its effectiveness on anxiety, again, anecdotal evidence is proving that CBD oil is helping relieve anxiety symptoms.

Have you tried CBD oil yet?

If not, why not? What is holding you back? 502 Hemp offers free consultations at any of their four locations.  Let us help you choose the best product for you needs. We are here to help you use CBD properly and get the most for your money. We aren’t pushy sales people and don’t ever try to sell you a product you simply do not need.  We don’t just sell CBD Oil, 502 Hemp educates and provides real advice. Feel free to call us at 502-654-7100 with any questions and set up your personal consultation.