CBD Oil for AnxietyIncreased stressed, frustration, and anxiety is a theme all around us. Our daily lives have been turned upside down.  Throughout the pandemic, 502 Hemp has written articles and tips on self-care, sleep, and sanitation-related products.  One of the reasons we are in the hemp industry is to provide a trustworthy natural alternative to health, including stress and anxiety.  The question now becomes, how could CBD oil help?

How Could CBD Oil Treat Anxiety?

Your body has an endocannabinoid system, which is located in your brain and in the peripheral nervous system.   The ECS works specifically with the cannabinoids in CBD oil and CBD products.  This can help your anxiety in a few ways.

Decrease Allostasis

Stressed? We mentally know what this means.  We might know how it impacts us physically.  In physiological terms, stress starts with allostasis.  Short term stress triggers allostasis which is your body’s natural domino effect through your whole body to literally keep things as they are.  The problem is that this requires inflammation.  Short term this is beneficial, long term stress can lead to damage.  When you stay in a stressed state, allostasis which originates in your brain becomes an allostatic load.  A wrecking ball from top to toes, allostatic load may deplete energy stores, cause more fat to be stored, creates oxidative stress (damages or alters cells), impact heart function, and so much more.  How allostatic load impacts an individual varies.  The cannabinoids in CBD Oil is an allosteric modulator.   Through your endocannabinoid system and specific GABA receptors in your brain, CBD can reduce the “stress” signals.  Once the cannabinoids tell your body to reduce or stop producing inflammatory chemicals like cortisol.  This helps to reduce anxiety.

Increase Parasympathetic Responses

Your nervous system controls muscles, breathing, heart rate, and emotional response among other biological functions.  With cannabinoids of CBD now engaged with your brain, cannabinoids could trigger your nervous system to relax.  This relaxation promotes the parasympathetic nervous response which increases positive chemical/hormone production and biological healing.   Even better, your endocannabinoid system exists throughout much of your nervous system which could further help with the right nervous system response.  With the parasympathetic nervous response engaged, your anxiety physical and emotional symptoms could decline.

Maintain Homeostasis

The partnership of cannabinoids with your body may help with maintaining chemical, hormonal, and biological function balance.  Consistent use of CBD means consistent input and balance of your endocannabinoid system, brain, and nervous system which in turns affects other systems in your body.

What You Need to Know About CBD and Anxiety

  • Consistent use
    • CBD is processed through the liver and how quickly CBD leaves the body depends on the individual.  Daily use is recommended to supply your endocannabinoid system with what it needs.
  • The right dosage
    • “Start low and go slow” is 502 Hemp’s dosage motto.  Please feel free to contact 502 Hemp or come to any location for a confidential CBD consultation.  We will discuss medications, concerns, and answer your questions.
  • Quality and trusted CBD
    • It’s important for a CBD company to be knowledgeable of their hemp sources, extraction processes, and be 3rd party tested.
  • More than one way CBD
    • Concerns over CBD oil? Consider flavors, edibles, and topicals as options for your CBD.

Who Benefits?

Anyone could benefit.  However, do check with our staff concerning children, medications, and medical issues.  We partner with doctors and pharmacists in addition to constant research. CBD taken for anxiety can be useful in specific situations and time periods. Situations to consider CBD use in: crowds, fireworks, public speaking, and other sensory triggers.  We do offer THC free lollipops and lozenges plus full-spectrum CBD gummies and CBD Jelly beans. 502 Hemp is transparent about the entire process from farm to you.  You know what is in our CBD products because the COAs are available and our staff can tell you.  We offer private CBD consultations to address the best product for you, dosage, and concerns you may have.  CBD oils are an excellent place to start with delicious flavors like Wild Berry, Orange Dreamsicle, Pink Lemonade, and Vanilla Latte.  Why stress about the taste too?  CBD topicals such as CBD bath bombs and CBD lotions can further the benefits of CBD and relaxation.

More questions?