Holidays, Anxiety, and CBD

CBD Chocolate Bomb

The holiday season is upon us. For many, this is a time of sharing, unity, and celebration. It is also a time of stress anxiety and depression. Outlooks and the effects the holidays have on people vary. Feelings of intense joy & profound sadness can combine in an individual & form an exhausting mixture. This effect can make situations difficult & unpredictable. Whether you love the holidays, love to see them over, or both, they are here & there’s no getting around them. This year holidays, anxiety, and CBD will be the new combo in many homes.

Recognizing Holiday Anxiety

Whether you are alone or surrounded feelings of anxiety & depression can be the same. Over half of Americans report feelings of anxiety or depression for one reason or another during the holidays. These feelings stem from a multitude of reasons from lack of time to money to childhood trauma & everything in between. Regardless of what these feelings of discomfort stem from it is important to recognize & address them. This is easier said than done but the reality is that we all have feelings & trying to ignore them will not likely improve the situation.

Managing Holiday Anxiety

If your stress or anxiety feels like it’s too much you may want to consider reaching out to a health care professional. Otherwise allowing yourself the time to breathe & think can often help make an appropriate plan for tackling the elements that are causing you issues. CBD may be helpful in this management. While studies are still being conducted, it is widely believed that CBD provides benefits to reduce stress & anxiety. This will not solve the issues causing your anxiety & depression but could make them more manageable & put you in a better mindset to deal with them.

Enjoying CBD and The Holidays

If you manage through the stress & anxiety during the holidays there’s a good chance you can enjoy them. Unfortunately many attempt this by self-medicating with drugs & alcohol. This method of managing holiday stress is unhealthy, dangerous, and can often make the situation worse. CBD has no known intoxicating effects. CBD can be enjoyed in food & drinks making it a perfect addition to holiday treats. Remember, the holidays come and go. If you can find a healthy way to enjoy them you might find out they can be better than you thought. So sit back with a hot CBD chocolate & a CBD bath bomb & relax.