Coronavirus & CBD

Increases in Coronavirus Cause Search For Alternatives

A resurgence of Corona has been a fear for just about everyone. Now that it’s here, what does it mean for the Coronavirus & CBD relationship? There is currently no Coronavirus Vaccine. According to the FDA for a vaccine to be released it must “prevent disease or decrease its severity in at least 50 percent of people who are vaccinated.” This fact has left many searching for alternative treatments for Coronavirus prevention & symptoms.

While the FDA is still conducting its research on the effects of CBD, others are looking into CBD as a preventative measure and for symptom relief. A study conducted by Drs. Olga and Igor Kovalchuk, professors at the University of Lethbridge’s Department of Biological Sciences, results showed promise in using CBD as a preventative measure.

Another study showed that CBD could play a major role in reducing lung inflammation, the symptom responsible for killing many Coronavirus victims. Studies that show a link to CBD & pain prevention have been around since before Coronavirus. All of these studies show promise in the relationship between Coronavirus & CBD but the method of administration needs to be considered. The CDC released a statement warning the consumption of CBD through smoking & vaping could increase the risk of Coronavirus complications. The good news is that there are many other methods for CBD consumption. Bilingual tinctures, edibles, capsules & isolate are all effective methods for consuming CBD.