You may have heard about CBD and how it could help anxiety.  ‘How Can CBD Help with Anxiety?‘ address the science we know right now concerning CBD and anxiety.  No claims can be made now between the two.  However, a growing trend in the hemp industry may be confusing.  CBG is being marketed for specific health and wellness issues instead of CBD, including anxiety.  Which is better for anxiety? It’s a CBD vs CBD showdown.

 CBD or CBG?

As cannabinoids are being studied more, we are learning more about how each cannabinoid has its own properties.  CBG is cannabigerol which is one of the cannabinoids in hemp extract along with CBD and others.  CBG could offer some benefit on its own; however, there are some drawbacks to isolating CBG in a product.

  • There’s an extra process to extract CBG from hemp.  This may increase the price of your hemp product.
  • CBG on its own doesn’t offer the comprehensive benefits of hemp extract with CBD.
If the hemp is quality in a CBD product, it already contains the CBG cannabinoid and doesn’t need to be isolated.  All of the cannabinoids working together create an entourage effect, which is the most beneficial to our bodies. This means it could be more beneficial for anxiety when all the cannabinoids are present.
It’s not a CBG vs CBD for anxiety or any reason why you would want to take a hemp product.  Both CBG and CBD belong together for the maximum possible benefits that you can get from your CBD product.