502 Hemp has a growing number of customers who report how CBD has helped with a loved one who has Autism Spectrum Disorder.  CBD and autism could be an amazing partnership.

CBD and Autism: Buyers Beware

CBD is not on the FDA approved list and no CBD company should claim a CBD cure, especially for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Any statements made in this article are honest and not a claim for a cure. Additionally, we encourage you to do your own research and look at the studies CBD companies tout as evidence (including us!).  Some CBD companies are leaving out important facts and reporting conclusions that are clearly not in these studies.  This all said, our 502 Hemp family see the correlation and results.  The studies show promise and the stories our customers share with us are compelling.

CBD and Autism the Facts

There are two important studies and a report from 2018 to 2019 that begin to give support for CBD and autism.  In 2018, a study looked at anandamide and persons with an autism spectrum disorder.  This study found that those with autism were more like to have lower anandamide that those in the control population.  Firstly,  anandamide is an enzyme that helps create proteins and works with neurotransmitters (your nervous system and brain).  This biochemical reaction helps neurotransmitters community with the brain to reduce pain, regulate depression, and maintain memory.  In short, the “ananda” in anandamide comes from Sanskrit which means “joy or bliss.”  Additionally, if a person’s body does not create anandamide on its own, it could affect mood and behavior.  Non-typical behaviors are often present with persons with an autism spectrum disorder.    Lower anandamide could affect this.  How does this relate to CBD? Cannabidiol and the Endocannabinoid system directly affect the anandamide process.  They are protein cousins (ligands) that communicate with the brain to regulate emotion and behavior.  According to this study, CBD could help improve behavior. However, there is not a direct correlation at this time.

A brief report in 2019 used the Caregiver Global Impression of Change Scale to evaluate family reports between CBD and autism.   Sixty-one percent of individuals who took CBD saw improvement with behavioral outbreaks associated with Autism.  A limited study, fifty-three participants over sixty-six days, found behavior and symptoms improvements with persons with an autism spectrum disorder who used CBD.  47.1 % found reduced anxiety.   Self-injury and rage incidents improved by 67.6%. Plus sleep was better by 71.4% of participants.  Hyperactivity was better for 68.4% of participants as well.  This study gives great promise between CBD and autism for future clinical trials and studies.

What does this mean for you?

There is not a direct correlation by a study just yet between CBD and autism. However, the current research and anecdotal reports are hopeful that CBD products could help with behavior, sleep, attention, and more.  If you are concerned about your child taking CBD then please check out our CBD education center and talk to a 502 Hemp staff member.  502 Hemp is family-friendly as well as an Autism-friendly business. We offer a variety of quality and trusted CBD products for you.  There are a few suggested CBD products 502 Hemp recommends.

CBD Products that Could Help

CBD ingestible like oils or candies work from the inside out.

CBD topicals work from the outside in.

  • CBD oil: full spectrum or broad spectrum
  • CBD isolate
  • CBD gummies
  • CBD lollipops
  • CBD lozenges
  • CBD cookies.
  • CBD bath bombs
  • CBD balm

Please, take advantage of our CBD education center.  Also, feel free to contact 502 Hemp for questions and a private CBD consultation.