Recent studies are showing promising links with Cannabis and the treatment of migraines. One study, published 2016 in Pharmacotherapy, looks at one hundred and twenty-one adults with chronic migraines. The study performed in Colorado found that approximately 40% of study participants had “positive effects” with Cannabis treatment on their migraines. About 14% had negative effects due to challenges in controlling dosage and its effects. Forty eight out of one hundred and twenty-one patients in pain due to migraines is a great start. However, many more studies are published with similar findings on Cannabis and migraines. Front Pharmacol in a 2018 publication looks at a variety of studies and analyzes the outcomes. In “Emerging Role of (Endo) Cannabinoids in Migraine,” many studies found Cannabis treatment to be credible treatment option. A few studies found Cannabinoids in CB1 receptors, mostly found in central nervous system, to act as an anti-migraine agent. Other studies found that the CB2 receptors, mostly in peripheral nervous system, and introduced cannabinoids promoted an anti-inflammatory response. This means the biological and chemical processes that occur with migraines can be either stopped or put into reverse with cannabinoid presence working with the endocannabinoid system.

What does this mean for the migraine sufferer? Cannabis or hemp is a workable treatment option for migraines with little risks. It would be thoughtless not to discuss the negatives found in these studies. The negative effects reported in any study, like the one in Pharmacotherapy, mostly centered around problems with dosage.  Good news is you can gain the benefits reported in these studies without the negatives. Quality CBD oil or Hemp extract oil, created with clean extraction processes, has enough THC for positive effects. A quality product isn’t enough. The article in Front Pharmacol, reported that many study participants reported relief with low dosage. Knowledgeable CBD Companies, like 502 Hemp, can guide an individual to correct dosage and more. They make the most out of the CBD/Hemp natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits for you.