502 Hemp is here to help those who are battling cancer or helping a loved one with cancer.  While are still learning about the effects of CBD on cancer there are few basic questions 502 Hemp can answer right now.

CBD & Cancer

Could CBD Fight Cancer?

Two recent published and reviewed studies concerning CBD and cancer show the potential of CBD in its ability to fight cancer.  In February of 2019, a study showed promise of CBD of stopping cancerous growth.  The limitations this study found was the effectiveness of CBD was dependent upon the type of cancer and dose.  Another 2019 study found that CBD could stop tumor growth, invasion, and even cause tumor cell death in Pancreatic cancer.  A few prior published CBD and cancer studies demonstrate similar results.  CBD in clinical studies shows promise as a natural cancer treatment option.  As more studies are completed, we may have more answers.

Could CBD Oil Help with Cancer Treatment?

Most of what we know about CBD and cancer treatment is anecdotal.  Whether from some of 502 Hemp customers or reports by medical professionals or testimonials online, people are sharing how CBD has helped them in cancer treatment.  Currently, there CBD is FDA supported for medical or health needs.  No company should state CBD as a cure.  However, the reports are powerful and inspiring.

What you might expect with CBD and Cancer Treatment?

  • Ease with pain and inflammation
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased appetite
  • Anti-Convulsant when nausea becomes problematic
  • Reduced anxiety

What Type of CBD Do I Need?

  • Dosing is important and we encourage anyone with questions to contact us.  It’s important to take enough but not too much.  A CBD consultation with our experts helps to guide you to the right dose.
  • Clean hemp extraction.  Using extraction methods like supercritical CO2 ensures that your hemp extract is safe and clean.  Using other methods like ethanol extraction can put you at risk for exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Make sure ingredients are natural as toxic food additives may contribute to new and existing cancer cells.
  • You may consider CBD topicals like CBD balm or CBD bath bombs. CBD topicals work from the outside in and can help with aches and pains.

There is no question where our hemp comes from or how our CBD products are made.  Our staff is here to help in any way we can.  Learn more about 502 Hemp CBD products.   Please, reach out to us for questions and information.