That rich aroma makes its way slowly until your brain jumps in excitement-


CBD Coffee From 502 Hemp - Image of girl drinking coffee

 For most, brewing coffee signals a beloved morning ritual and offers that much need up and go.

Coffee with CBD? EVEN BETTER.

CBD and Coffee- A Perfect Match.

CBD and Coffee go way back. Seriously.  The hemp plant (CBD is a hemp plant extract) and coffee are ancient plants that have offered health benefits for ages.   It’s only natural they are the perfect match.

Both CBD and coffee can offer the plant-powered antioxidants your whole body needs.  Antioxidants protect cells against aging and disease.   Coffee may help with mental health issues such as focus or possibly aid in digestive issues.  CBD, hemp extract, works with your endocannabinoid system and your brain which may help with mental health too.  The best part? Coffee often helps with absorption in the gut- CBD can be absorbed better with coffee.

Other CBD and Coffee Benefits

  • You drinking your CBD.  If taking sublingual CBD oil is a concern, CBD Coffee could be for you.
  • It’s a great way to get an extra dose of CBD when needed.
  • Quality CBD and crafted coffee is just plain delicious.

502 Hemp offers quality coffee with our Kentucky Proud CBD.  Get your perfect morning, afternoon, anytime match- 502 Hemp CBD Coffee can be picked up in-store or easily delivered to your door.