With the ever-evolving information about the Coronavirus and the growing CBD/Hemp industry, keeping up with accurate information can be mind-boggling.  502 Hemp constantly strives to educate ourselves and you with honest information.

Cannabis and Coronavirus:

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • CBD in hand sanitizer has no benefit.
    • CBD or hemp extract does not increase or add to the antibacterial or antiviral effects of hand sanitizer.  502 Hemp offers Just Hand Sanitizer (literally JUST hand sanitizer) while addressing this marketing ploy head-on.
  • Cannabis Study with Coronavirus
    • Reports are circulating of a study with Cannabis having an effect on the Coronavirus.  The research on this is in its infancy stages.  Even the conductors of this study state ” Based on our preliminary data, extracts of novel efficacious C. Sativa lines, pending further investigations, may become a useful addition to the treatment of COVID-19…”  This means this study shows promise with cannabis and coronavirus. It is NOT definitive evidence as of now.  Essentially, this study shows how Cannabis blocks some of the Coronavirus in simulated human tissue.  You can view the entire study which is not peer-reviewed at this moment.
  • There can be CBD benefits
    • CBD is not known to fight the Coronavirus or any virus. However, CBD may help with physical health in bringing balance within your body with biological chemicals and other processes.  CBD can also engage the parasympathetic nervous system to promote more healing within the body.

502 Hemp offers a variety of CBD products for your health and wellness needs.  We also carry hand sanitizer and 100% cotton face masks. Keep washing those hands, sneeze/cough into elbows, and be well.