502 Hemp’s Calm is handpicked as a CBD bundle that could address anxiety symptoms. This may help with anxiety, depression, or stress reduction by working with your body naturally.  In simple terms, CBD works with your endocannabinoid system in a variety of ways to boost overall wellness.  Project CBD explains in more detail how CBD works with your body to reduce anxiety in Cannabis, CBD, & Anxiety.  Additionally, anxiety can lead to a lack of focus which may feed into more anxiety.  CBD for focus addresses how hemp extract products could help increase your focus.

All of this information is taken into account when 502 Hemp created our Calm CBD bundle.  Plus, each product has high-quality hemp extract with natural ingredients.  The quality of your CBD product impacts the possible effectiveness of CBD. Natural ingredients ensure the best possible product by leaving out toxic chemicals.

CBD Bundle with a Calm Focus

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

    • Our Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids that can calm nerves and promote needed “happy” chemicals.  The CBD oil in the bundle comes with at 750 mg strength.  Dosage can be easily changed with our measured dropper.  Customize your bundle with your favorite flavor.
  • CBD Bath Bombs

    • CBD bath bombs are chosen to further relaxation. Let our CBD isolate and essential oils carry your stress away.  You can pick your scent or no scent at all.  The are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients.
  • Hemp Extract Gummies

    • Our vegan full-spectrum hemp extract gummies are excellent for an extra dose or part of a daily CBD dose.  Convenient to pack for on the go.

Customize your Calm in our CBD bundle for anxiety, it may help.  It is designed to help you find the right combination of CBD products by our CBD experts.  CBD could be the natural solution you need to reduce anxiety, depression, or boost a rotten day.