Back to school is under normal circumstances can cause anxiety for some.  This back to school is unprecedented. Some parents, educators, and children along with school board leaders are grappling with a plan. Or maybe you have been presented with a plan and it changes.  Additionally, the challenge of at-home learning while many parents need to work.  We understand the stress and anxiety levels may be high for everyone involved.  At 502 Hemp we want to help you reduce your anxiety and keep you safe for all stages of back to school this year.

Back to School Tips

  1. Mask up and it helps to have children practice wearing them.
  2. Sanitize and wash hands frequently.  This is one of the best ways to prevent the passing of germs.  You can make your own sanitizing wipes.
  3. When a child or you as an educator comes home from being out in public, change clothes as soon as possible.  The may reduce exposure to yourself and your home.
  4. Reduce stress.  Stress can suppress the immune system among other biological processes.  CBD could help with anxiety and stress for children and adults.

Stay safe with 502 Hemp!

How could CBD products help?

CBD products like CBD oil work with your endocannabinoid system that may calm nerves bring your body into balance which could reduce back to school stress and anxiety.  CBD edibles can have the same effect.  CBD lollipops and CBD isolate may be ideal for children as they are THC free plus CBD lollipops are fun and CBD isolate mixes easily in food and drinks.   CBD balms could help relieve muscle tension from stress and help with headaches.  CBD bath bombs can help promote a relaxed state and address muscle tension too.  There are a lot of ways CBD could help with back to school anxiety.   Dee Dee Taylor, founder, and CEO of 502 Hemp, shares her personal story with CBD and anxiety. You can be back to school ready and we’re here to help.  502 Hemp’s quality CBD products are third-party tested without the toxic chemical processes (we use supercritical CO2).  Contact us for questions and information concerning your needs and CBD products.