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Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Extract Oil

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Hemp Seed Oil vs Hemp Extract Oil

There is a lot of confusion with hemp seed oil and hemp extract oil.  Many people assume hemp seed oil is the same as hemp extract oil, but it isn’t. Hemp seed oil is cold pressed from the hemp seed. It is great for cooking or for salad dressings. It does not have any medicinal value like hemp extract oil does. Our hemp extract oil is extracted using supercritical Co2.  The entire plant is used in the extraction process and the end result is what we call “mud” or “crude”.  This product is then refined into distillate and products such as our CBD oil, is made from the distillate.  The extracted crude is what contains the medicinal compounds, such as, CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, CBC and many others.  Hemp seed oil does not contain any of these compounds however, is still a healthy alternative to other cooking oils.  Some companies even use hemp seed oil as their carrier oil in their CBD tinctures. However, hemp seed oil tends to go rancid quicker than other carrier oils, so we do not use these in our CBD tinctures.  Hemp extract is more than just CBD oil.  It is all the medical compounds of the plant.  We call this full spectrum.

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