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CBD oil or full spectrum hemp extract oil? 

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CBD oil or full spectrum hemp extract oil? 

CBD oil is the new buzz word. However, true CBD oil is only one compound of the plant and is made from an isolate.  This is great for people concerned with failing a drug test.  Our full spectrum hemp extract oil has all the compounds of the plant, including THC, but well below the federal guidelines of 0.3%. You will not feel high from these products, however, you could possibly fail a drug test.  Over time, THC can build up in your system, because your body uses this compound in its daily cell building activity.  CBD oil seems to be working well for a lot of people, however, full spectrum hemp extract seems to be helping even more. All the compounds of the plant work simultaneously to help our bodies achieve maximum healing. If only one compound is used, our bodies may not be getting everything it needs.

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